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Greenville & Yarmouth

Nova Scotia
Leotra Jarvis & Vanessa Fells
Greenville was settled in the late 1700's
Reverand Anderson

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The first person to live there was a Kelly. The first records show that she may have come from Birchtown ( a loyalist community in Shelburne).  Greenville was originally known as the Salmon River Settlement afterwards it was known as the Dyes Road Settlement. As they moved on it was known as present day Greenville. The most proniment people to come from Greenville were Alfreda and Reverend Anderson. Reverend Anderson was born in Upper Hammond's Plain and married in 1919. Mrs. Anderson taught in a one room school house from grades primary to grade 8 for almost 30 years. 
Alfreda Anderson
 The church in Greenville was build in 1893. There are three graveyards: -one next to the church -one at the bottom of the road -one by Dyes road.

Families that still live in Greenville are:


Sherry, Oscar, Marge, Lorenzo( wife of Elly) 

Sherry L. Sr. wife is Yvonne, and son Sherry Jr.
Oscar's  wife, Angie Lawrence
Leroy, and wife Suey
All of the children's parents were Albert and Mabel Lawrence.


Edward, Mert Miller
their children were Diana and Roy who are our 2nd cousin's
There is Sherrance and Jolicia who are also our cousin's.


George and Belle Johnson's children were Calvin, Donna, Junior, Peter, Colin.

Mary and Clarence Johnson,  Lou, Arthur, Sherron,  children of: parents were Jake and Cass Johnson.
Derald, and Jennie are in-laws of Jake & Cass.
Modified by Sharon Smith


Glenn, and Vera ( parents of Dorothy and Clarence and have a daughter named Shavonne.

Rudy, grandson, Gary, husband, Clarence, grand-daughter; Seron.

Information below was give to me by  who recieved it from: Donna Smith,

Here are the things that I know about.  Under villages- Greenville-Local history the picture is of Rev.(CN)Nathan Smith and Maude Smith my grandparents not the Andersons. Same section the Johnson family there are missing daughters. One of them is my sister-in-law Sandra,there is Cathy,Linda and another sister whose name I do not know.  Under Nova Scotia -Charles T Smith is the father of Chuck Smith the coach,my brother. Of course, he is the grandson of Rev. Nathan Smith.

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Brothers Club In this picture of the Brothers Club starting from left standing is my great uncle Freeman Berry,  Timmy Parkes, Buster Johnson, Albert Johnson, My mother's good friend Alan Forbes (father Bruton Forbes,) Alfred Parkes, last two unknown.  Sitting on the bench is the pharmacist Bruce Johnson's father, Earnest Johnson, Basketball coach Chuck Smith's, father Charles Smiths, my great grandfather George Fells, next person unknown, and Sebert Kelly . This group of men are part of the Brother's Club of Yarmouth.
(source) PAUL FRANCIS 
First row (left to right(Ernest Johnson,Charles Smith,George Fells,Mannie Crawford (source: irving berry )
Greenville is a small village out side the town of Yarmouth. This is were most of my family grew up.  My grand-mother Ada Fells and her 12 brothers and sister lived in Greenville. Most of her brothers and sister's that are still alive, still live in Greenville. Now a days, alot of my family is divided some of us live in town or around the town limit and the rest of the family live in  Greenville.  None of my mothers family lived in Greenville they lived in Yarmouth and spread out down in the United States. Most of my family, when they were younger went to the same church (Shariton Assembly) were my mother, father, my  Grandfather P.A. Best was the minister, and they all  went to the same Bible Camp every year. The Bethal Bible Camp, in Wolfville. 

George Fells, Gary Fells
Twins: Vanessa & Melissa

 Reverend P.A. Best 
My family had lived in Greenville for the last one hundred years and some of them still do but a lot of them about half have moved to Yarmouth and 95% of my family that lives in Yarmouth, live in Southend. My grandfather Reverend P.A. Best  which the P.A. Best center is named after lived in south end with his wife my grandmother and his daughter (my mother)  and had alot of ties with the people of Greenville. Both of my grandfather's were good friends and did a lot of things together like: went to Bible camp, went to the same church had outings like picnic's together and  other sorts of different things. All in all both sides of my family go way back, even before my mother and father knew each other their families have been friends. 



Nova Scotia
Leotra Jarvis & Vanessa Fells