Black Culture

Greenville & Yarmouth

Nova Scotia
Leotra Jarvis & Vanessa Fells

Black History 

In 1850,a few Blacks left Halifax and sailed to Sierra Leone, which is found  in Africa. Due to this, the Black population diminished extremely. To follow in the footsteps of the Maroons, many more came to NS and disperset province wide. Since they arrived, the Revolutionary War started.  Men young and old wanted to enlist in the Army so that they can do pride for their beloved country and queen only many were rejected due to the basic  fact of their race. Some went to Sussex, NB to enlist there but the administration officer plainly said that they did not want to recruit them because that they did not want to have a "checker board army". These men were not about to give up, and that was when the No.1 Black Battalion  was formed in Pictou, NS.


Ox pulled wagon

There are alot of people from Greenville that I've learned are related to me and my cousin that is doing this project with me. Charles Smith is the grandfather of the boys basketball coach, Chuck Smith. George Fells is the great grandfather of Vanessa Fells. Albert Johnson is my great cousin. These are members of the Brothers Club.

There also were a lot of famous black people in Nova Scotia believe it or not. Here are some of them.
- Sam Langford seventh ranked heavy weight champion of all times. Internationally hailed the " the uncrowned champion " of the world. Born in Weymouth, N.S. March 4, 1883. He died in Boston Massachusetts
Jan.12/1956. A gentlemen of proven skill and courage in the ring, he maintained the courage during his later years of adversity. Erected by the Weymouth Falls community council and friends in Nova Scotia June 1972.

Cromwell family that settled in and around Southville, Nova Scotia,starting in 1783 when the first black loyalist and slaves came to NovaScotia. Also included in this family tree are the Brights, Langfords, Jarvis's and Hatfields

- Joseph and Jane Cromwell-1783
-Children of Joseph and Jane Cromwell William Cromwell ; Hannah Cromwell ; Elizabeth Cromwell
- Son of Jane Cromwell -- 

Jerome Cromwell 1786-1886
-Children of Jerome Lawrence Cromwell and Maria Caroline Francis
-Charles Joseph M. Cromwell 
-Helene Cromwell 
-Elizabeth Cromwell
-Maria Anne Cromwell
-Genevieve Cromwell 
-Caroline Cromwell 
-Sophie Cromwell 
-Marie Henriette Cromwell
The history of the Cromwell's still goes on and on throughout each
children's , children's , children's families.

Black communities in Nova Scotia

Map of all the Black Communities in NS

1 Shelburne 
2 Birchtown 
3 Yarmouth town 
4 Greenville 
5 Southville 
6 Danvers 
7 Hassett 
8 Weymouth Falls 
9 JordanTown 
10 Conway 
11 Acaciaville 
12 Digby 
13 LeQuille 
14 Granville Ferry 
15 Inglewood 
Map of all the Black Communities in NS 16 Middleton 
17 Cambridge 
18 Gibson Woods 
19 Aldershot 
20 Kentville 
21 Three miles Plains 
22 Beechville 
23 Hammonds Plains 
24 Africville 
25 Lucasville 
26 Cobequiod Road 
27 Moroon Hill 
28 Halifax 
29 Dartmouth 
30 Lake Loon& Cherry Brook
Map of all the Black Communities in NS 31 North Preston 
32 East Preston 
33 Truro 
34 Springhill 
35 Amherst 
36 Trenton 
37 New Glasgow 
38 Antigonish 
39 Monastery 
40 Mulgrave 
41 Upper Big Tracadie 
42 Lincolinville 
43 Sunnyville 
44 Sydney 
45 New Waterford 
46 Glace Bay 
47 Liverpool


Nova Scotia
Leotra Jarvis 
& Vanessa Fells

Town of Yarmouth
Yarmouth Hub