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Guest book comment
Date: 8/5/2004
Name: Jim Jeffery
Location: Elliot Lake,  Northern Ontario

Comments: As many of your guests have said, you have a great www. Yarmouth county has a long and interesting history. One of it's accomplishments is the development of Nova Scotia,s Provincial dog. It is curious this is not important enough to include as a seperate item on your home page. I realize it's already quite busy, and the dog is covered on the Little River site but it is an accomplishment that anyone from Yarmouth county can be proud of. In the last 15 or 20 years, these little red dogs have found homes all over the world. You can bet that many want to know about the birthplace of the breed, and will be looking on the internet for Yarmouth. They will hit your home page first. Give them an excuse to surf the rest of your site. They may not know about Little River.  I know one couple from Belgum has already visited Yarmouth specifically to visit the birthplace of their beloved Tollers. I took them out to visit Andy Wallace on the Richmond road, who hunts with these dogs.

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The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is one of the smallest retrievers.  Originally known as the Little River Duck Dog in its home of the Little River District of Nova Scotia, the modern Toller got its present name in 1945 when it was admitted to the CKC registry.  The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is a member of the gundog group. They were originally used for flushing waterfowl and retrieving game; today they are used as gundogs and as companions. Sensible and very devoted to its family. Intelligent, easy to train, and with great endurance, the Toller is a strong and able swimmer and a natural and tenacious retriever on land and water. Agile and alert, he is happiest while working.

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever  by James C. Jeffery & Douglas W. Coldwell  "NOVA SCOTIA'S  OFFICIAL DOG''   Publication THE "LOVE" OF TOLLERS  & "E-Book" version

Two other links that provide a vast amount of information are and by Douglas W. Coldwell

Genealogical site: Not a collection of static pedigree pages, the site is in fact a dynamic viewer that allows you to traverse a large database of dogs, moving up, down, and sideways (that is, to ancestors, descendants, and siblings) at will. 

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