Norwood: Yarmouth Co.
Nova Scotia, Canada

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Pictures from Norwood area

Below is a brief history of Norwood compiled by the late Marlene Sweeney as a school project when she was about 10 years old. I also am going to do a history of Norwood at a later date.  Erma Harris

My Home Community of Norwood

     As time goes on it becomes much harder to obtain information about any  early  settlement.  I have gathered some information about the community I live in. I interviewed Mr. Everette Killam, Mr. Vernon Cleland, Mr. Douglas Eldridge (Sr.)  and Mrs. Ethel Hubley to get my information.

     From Mr. Cleland  I found out how Norwood got  its name. A Mr. Charles (Church) Winters who lived in Lake George, where Mr. and Mrs. Neil Allen live now, owned land in by Lots Lake. This was back of Lake  Annis  toward Forest Glen, and traveled through a wooded area north of  Lake George. He named it Norwood, whereas it was north of his home and 
all woods about 1850.

     In years gone by a sawmill was a very important part of any settlement. The first mill in Norwood was built by Mr. Ben or Bernard Moses in 1863. The mill was an old- style up and down mill, built by the river, back of  my grandfather's (Mr. Ashael  Sweeney). There was a road built to the  mill back of Douglas Eldridge property that came out of Mr. And Mrs. Taylors property across the road from my grandfather’s home. Since the first mill was built in 1863, there have been several other mills in Norwood such as a mill built in 1894 by a Mr. David Sanders and a Mr.John Churchill. This mill ran for about 15 years. Another mill was
 built in 1934 by a Mr. Harold Durkee
     Mr. Durkee was killed in his mill in 1937, then the mill was removed in 1938. The last mill in Norwood was built by Mr. Anthony Harrington (my great grandfather’s brother) in 1946 at the North cove of Lake Annis where the river runs out of Lake  Annis on Mr. Douglas Eldridge’s (Sr.) property. This mill operated for two years and then was removed.

     The Church in Norwood which serves the community only in the summertime now was built in 1886. A Mr. Crosby who built the Frank Clark place across from where Norwood Station used to be had the idea to build the Church. The Cemetery which is located on the hill back of the Church was built around  1909 and 1910. The first person who was buried in Norwood Cemetery was Seretha Allen, May 1910 who died of consumption (T.B.) There are approximately 55 people buried in the cemetery with the most recent in March of 1980.

     The railroad went through Norwood in about 1878. The first train  from Yarmouth to Digby was on August 21, 1878 and just carried ballast. The  railroad was open for transportation on September 29, 1878. The train station was built in Norwood in 1894 or 1895 and Mrs. Ethel Hubley’s father and mother  lived there for two or three years. The last station was sold and moved to Hectanooga to be used as a shed in the early 1950’s.

     Norwood never had a school of its own. The Lake Annis school  served the community of Lake Annis and Norwood. The school was built in 1885 because Mr. George Cossar of Lake Annis (my great great grandfather) decided his own children needed schooling. The school closed in 1952 when the pupils were  bused to consolidated schools in Port Maitland and  Yarmouth. The school was  torn down in 1960 and 1961. The first school bus was a car driven by Mr. Neil Allen who transported students in 1952. Students have been transported ever since by buses. My father drives a school bus now. Everyone respects John Sweeney!     Mrs. Blanche Cleland ran the first post office in Norwood in the late 
1920’s, then in the late 1940’s Mrs. Nettie Sweeney ( my grandmother) ran the
post office until 1951, when Rural Route Mail was started in Norwood.

     In 1946, the electric lights came to our community. Before the electric lights the people used kerosene lamps.

     Also we had no telephones in our community until 1961. Our family moved to Norwood in 1975. In my home community of Norwood on March 24, 1980, There are six families with 17 residents living in Norwood. Mr Charlie Mullen at the ripe young age of 86 is the oldest resident in our community. My grandfather Ashael (Ace) Sweeney, the second oldest is 76 years old. The dates I have used in my Social Studies project about my Community are as nearly correct as can be.    

Marlene Sweeney

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