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The main index has links to specific locations in the picture tour.  From that point you can travel forward or backward on you journey.  Some pages have special links {example: Page476.html} where Sheldon & Margaret d'Entremont's allowed us to take picture of their beautiful garden or a in Page515.html where you can get a look inside the museum.  If your home or business is pictured on these pages and you have material you would like linked to please drop me a line {email address below}.  Some links open new widows.  This is done to simplify your surfing. Closing a window will take you to quickly back to your original location. These are not classed as popup windows.  If fact I do not like popup and may not make links to sites that have them. 

Adding Material to the site:

If you have material stories or pictures you would like added to the site I will try and accommodate your wishes.  If you have web pages of your own, links can be easily made {General viewing only. No PG or R material.} There is alot of material on the net about our area. We would like to consolidate links from our site. We should be able to do this free of charge do this for non-commercial links.  If you have a business that you would like to link please contact me for cost of sponsorship. 

Obtaining larger copies of pictures:

The 1000 + Pictures presented on the site age scaled down versions of the originals, therefore links to the larger pictures do not work because of the cost of storing such material on the net.  However if you wish the larger version they can be placed in that directory and you can then download them by clicking on that picture.  Example the picture on Page57.html.  will work because the picture is in the proper directory.  The originals are 36 inches by 24 at 72dpi.  When reduced to about 8.5x11 they are about 260 dpi which will produce a very good quality print.  The prints are unprocessed so you are able to adjust contrast and cropping yourself or we can do it if you wish. 

Though we would like to provide this service free we do need the money to help cover the cost of developing of developing our villages of Yarmouth project.  Payment is on the honor system, we will provide you with the picture we will never bill you, we will trust you to donate to the our cause to the address below. At present our sponsors do not cover our total costs of  these presentations.  Note: You can copy and freely use any pictures on the Villages pages for non-commercial purposes, personal or school related, but obviously if you are going to try and make money from them would like a share. 

GrassRoutes Internet Photo Usage Policy
These pictures represent Historical Documentation of this area
therefore, the more people who have copies of them the better.
However they the photos remain the property of GrassRoutes and cannot be reproduced
commercially  without the permission of GrassRoutes.
If used non commercially it would be nice to let me know it will make me feel that all this work is actually getting used
and if possible make a link to our villages site. At least please sign the Guestbook
Pictures here represent a scaled down version of the original which were 72dpi and 36"x24".
Copies of larger versions can be obtained for commercial purposes.
Godfrey LeBlanc
GrassRoutes Computer Service Ltd.
Box 167 South Ohio, Yarmouth County
Nova Scotia, Canada, B0W 3E0
In subject area of letter please type Yarmouth first then topic of interest.

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