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Quinan by Melissa Cobbett March 27, 2000:

Quinan is a very small and quiet place. Not much goes on in this small community, but it is an excellent place to go to unite with nature. If you like to go canoeing the Quinan river is a fun place. It takes a couple of hours canoe from quinan to Spring Haven. There is one very exciting water fall that can be navigated if you are an experienced canoeist. There are many lakes in Quinan most of them are clean and nice to swim in. 

We had a school which went from grade primary to grade nine. The teachers where mainly nuns. It was closed down because of the lack of the teachers. This forced the students to go to S.A.R. This old school is now the Quinan store which has been open since before I can remember. This store has most of the stuff you will need for the house.  

Sometimes at night you can hear the coyotes, but you shouldn't worry because they never come out into view. A great place to go camping would be near the lakes, there would be nobody to disturb you while you sleep.

There are many lakes to go fishing in, most of the time you will find alot of people fishing in these areas. During the month of September, in Quinan, they hold a type of a fair. This is to raise money for the church and the Quinan Hall. There are rides, games, and a human water dunk, and then you can eat supper there. This event is usually held on a Sunday.

Just recently Quinan has been holding special events run by the RCMP, this helps keep young kids off the roads at night and gives them something to do. Some of these events have been events like going to the show, skating, sliding, camping, swimming. Most of these things are for the little kids, they might think that if they start when the kids are little that it will keep them out of trouble when they get bigger. Kids enjoy things like this and besides that it gets them out of the house for a while.

The Quinan Catholic Church was constructed in about 1885 and is still in good shape. This Catholic Church is French just like some Churches in Yarmouth.

Down in Quinan there are many house that old and falling apart, some people think that it is haunted and others think that the people died in there. Till this day people are not too sure what the story is. All the houses in Quinan are fairly old, my house is at least 115 years old, we have done lots of repairs on the house but it still needs more work done. I have lived there for 10 years and counting. 

We used to own a horse, and that brought alot of people to our house. After 2 years we sold  him because we did not have enough time to take care of him.  Quinan is a nice place to keep animals. It  is very open and around alot of the houses there are usually a very big back yard.  Quinan is a nice family place to live.

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