South Ohio Community Hall Project


The first meeting of the South Ohio Community Hall Project was held 0n October 25, 2002 at 7:00pm in the home of Tom Moses. Those in attendance were as follows:
Richard Hurlburt  Irene Crosby
Bob Lewis     George Moses 
Wayne Crosby    Paul Gould
Irma Bank     Richard DesVignes
Emily Lent     Roger Richardson
Sandra Crosby    Diane Richardson
Vera White     Tom Moses
Nancy Daly     Anne Moses
Elenor Moses    Coralee Robichaud
Tom AuCoin    Gilles Robichaud
Brad Fulton     Ken Crosby
Roland Fitzgerald

Tom introduced everyone and introduced the topic of a hall for the community. Informed everyone of his recent meeting with ACOA and with our MLA Richard Hurlburt, and also of his telephone discussion with HRDC and Sports & Recreation NS. Different pieces of property were investigated. There seemed to be two possibilities:

(1) Post Office
(2)  Site of the old mill

Many attempts have been made in the past but efforts were not successful, the red tape involved made it tedious and discouraging. Consensus seemed to indicate that the post office site was too small.

Richard seemed encouraging that funds may be available through various government departments.
Other pieces of property suggested:
(1) Harold Goodwin's
(2) Clyde Sherman

Discussion arose re the old community hall on corner of N. Ohio Rd. & Meadowbrook Drive
There was a committee for:
Site Selection       Petition
Paul Gould     Anne Moses
Brad Fulton     Nancy Daly
Wayne Crosby    Vera White
Richard DesVignes 
Bob Lewis
Tom Moses

We are to send out a bulletin stating that we are actively searching for a site and to inform the community of the meeting on November 29th. 

The name of the organization is the South Ohio Community Centre Society
President:    Tom Moses
Vice President:  Roland Fitzgerald
Secretary:   Anne Moses
Treasurer:    Anne Marie Leblanc


Next Meeting November 29, 2002 at 7:00pm


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