South Ohio Community Center Society.


November 29th. 7 p.m. Baptist Church, South Ohio.
61 people in attendance.

Tom Moses thanked the people of the community for their strong show of support and welcomed our M.L.A. Richard Hurlburt to the meeting. Mr. Hurlburt opened his remarks by acknowledging the show of community support and expressed his continued support for our project. He informed us that assistance is available for such projects as ours through various government departments.
He then introduced Mr. Bob Manuel the local manager of H.R.D.C. who proceeded to inform us as to how his department could be of assistance to us. Firstly he told us that we needed to get our "ducks in a row" and made the following suggestions.

1. Incorporate the organization.
2. Become a charitable association.
3. Decide what type of facility we want.
4. Determine the uses of the facility.
5. Agree on the size of the facility.
6. Draw up a plan and have it appraised including, purchase cost of the land, foundation, materials, paving, parking, landscaping, and labour.
7. Look at what we have for assets. i.e. volunteer labour etc.
8. Determine could be our partners i.e. A.C.O.A. - Municipality Of Yarmouth, Corporate donors, N.S.C.C., Province of N.S., Leisure Services, Contractors, Ladies Auxiliary, Cemetery Committee.
9. Support letters from our M.P., our M.L.A., and our Municipal Council.
10. Draw up the proposal.
11. Application phase.

After the conclusion of Mr. Manuel's remarks the time was given over to Mr. Paul Gould to bring us up to date on the work of the site selection committee. They brought forth four recommendations and asked if anyone knew of any available sites, which might be suitable.
Mr. Moses then discussed the community use of the hall and many people offered suggestions including, - rental for weddings or parties, community suppers, cubs, scouts, brownies etc. seniors groups, after school care, ladies auxiliary meetings, cemetery society meetings, meetings with M.L.A. or other visiting politicians.

Mr. Manuel mentioned the newly constructed community center in Hubbards Point and suggested we pay a visit he also mentioned that the community pays membership dues to support the center. He also told us not to underestimate the size of facility that we require  make it large enough to meet the needs of the whole community including the Youth.

One person brought up the site already owned by the community on the corner of the North Ohio Road and Meadowbrook Drive.
Need to contact fire marshal about size of building/ number of occupants. How many washrooms?
Check Hebron as a starting point. Consensus no liquor license.

Send out survey for community input.
Other suggestions for use - Christmas Craft Show and Tea. Spring Tea. Craft Festival Community Learning Program. 

Respectfully submitted,
Anne E. Moses

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