South Ohio Community Hall Project

South Ohio Community Centre Society

A meeting was held on Jan. 17th. at &p. m. at the South Ohio Baptist Church. Despite it being an extremely stormy night 38 community members braved the weather to attend the meeting.

Mr. Moses gave a report of the executive committee meeting and brought forth the location of the piece of property recommended by the site selection committee and approved by the executive. The parcel of land is located on the North Ohio Road to the north of the Cross Road and on the left-hand side of the road, it consists of 2.7 acres and the asking price is 13,000. Mr. Moses stated that the executive were looking at methods of financing the purchase of the property, and suggested the formation of a fund raising committee to determine appropriate means of raising the necessary money. He said that volunteers for the committee would be welcomed. He then discussed the proposed size of the facility and compared the Hebron site and its amenities, then discussed the advantages and difficulties associated with the said facility. The meeting was then open for public discussion and questions.

Some of the questions.

1. How large is the site?
2. Will there be a cement basement or a slab?
3. What kind of heating system?
4. Is there enough visibility on either side of the driveway?
5. How high should the ceilings be?
6. Will it be on one level?
7. Will it be wheelchair accessible?
8. Could we put in dividers or moveable doors instead of walls to separate the rooms?
9. Is the site too close to the brook?
10. Can we tap into town water?
11. Will H.R.D.C. provide the labour?
12. Will newsletters be sent to the community to keep them informed of the progress?
13. Is zoning a concern?
14. How soon can we get partners on side?
15. Will there be room for Literacy Programs?
16. Could the Ladies Auxiliary design the kitchen?

Mr. Moses then mentioned that both Bill Atkinson and Roland Fitzgerald would provide items for a raffle or draw of some kind.
More community members discussed various activities they would like to see conducted in a community hall, and the secretary was asked to compile a list of the suggestions gathered from the community survey.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Moses.



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