South Ohio Community Hall Project

South Ohio Community Center Planning Stage: Preliminary Survey:  We need you.

In the early 1800's Nehemiah  and Benjiman Churchill, sons of Ezra, were probably the first to settle the South Ohio area. Other families also settled the area. These names included, Allen, Butler, Cann, Cook, Crosby, Durkee, Ellis, Fletcher, Handy, Moses, Porter, Saunders, Trask, Vickery, Wyman and Whitehouse.

These early settlers cleared the forest in order to build their houses and make gardens for their crops. Their first houses were crude log houses, which were lived in until they were able to make better houses. Miles & miles of stone walls testify to their pioneering  spirit.   The first saw mill was built on the Ohio mill stream. Most of the farms in Ohio were large and self-sufficient raising livestock and produce.  By the mid-nineteenth century Ohio was growing into quite a bustling village.

The demographics of the area have changed and many new families have chosen this area as home.   A group of individuals has come to the realization that this area could benefit from a community center.  The word spread and soon many people gathered for a meeting at the local Baptist Church, the oldest and now about the only place where a community meeting could take place. It was very evident this location was not large enough for a community center as it was almost not large enough for the people gathered.

We Need Your Input.  "Do's" and "Don'ts"

In order for a community Center to serve the community it must represent the interest and needs of that community.  Many good suggestions and concerns were presented at the meeting held Nov. 29, 2002.  
The general consensus was that the community could benefit from such a center.  It was also agreed that it would be good if the center could accommodate the needs of all interest groups young and old.  Please keep in mind that this project is in the very early stages of  development.  The project is however, at a stage where your input is very important.  Your needs and interests are part of the reason this center is being planned.  At this time please share your desires and express any concerns.

Input Form

What services, activities or events etc. do you feel a South Ohio Community Center could provide?

Name: (optional) _______________________________     Phone # (optional) _______________

Name: (optional) _______________________________    Teenage (~age)______

Name: (optional) _______________________________     Youth (~age) _____

If you have any other concerns please let us know.

Please fill out this form and drop it off at South Ohio Esso.
For more information please call Tom Moses 742-2941 or Roland Fitzgerald at 742-3309

Thank You.

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