Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Here is a new addition to the villages of Yarmouth County.   We do not have much information on this area but believe it was created when the municipality of Yarmouth restructured the county.  What information we do have comes by way of comments in our GuestBook #84 from "kattwolff"

Comments: ok so I only took a quick look but there was no link in the village index for Summerville the name is not well known but it is mostly the Moods Mill road...  I figure we have a little out here... we have Ellenwood park, Sans Souci, and the Christian school, I am not that old but I am sure there is a lot of history in Summerville also would just like to see it thnx.

I love this site it is very informative

Thank you for the information if you or anyone else can add any more information we will gladly add it to this page, or any of the villages pages.

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