An Architectural Look at Yarmouth
"The Western Gateway Of Nova Scotia"

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A virtual walking tour of Yarmouth, these pages  will allow you to visit the homes and landmarks of Yarmouth`s past and present. Yarmouth has many examples of different architectural styles, from the Queen Anne  to the Gothic Revival. If you ever visit Yarmouth,  there are walking and driving tours that you can make using the pages which follow with a click of the button below.

A Brief History Of Yarmouth

Yarmouth has been visited by many peoples.  The Norsemen sailed here in 1007, and left a record on a runic stone found near the Yarmouth Light. The Mi`kmaq inhabited the area long before Samuel de Champlain named Cape Forchu in 1604. The first English-speaking settlers came from
Massachusetts in 1761, on the ship Pompey.  As time went on, Yarmouth became an important  port and, with the growth of a prosperous shipping industry, the town was at one time one of the most important ports in Canada. Today, it is the major centre of Southwest Nova Scotia. 

Tourism, the fishery, and the service industry have maintained Yarmouth's economy. Two ferry boats cross the water from Maine to Yarmouth in the spring and summer months. A branch of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and an expansion of Yarmouth Hospital are planned. A modernization of the waterfront is ongoing.

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Additional information has been added to this site,  thanks to the Yarmouth County Museum & Archives.  The Museum is located at 22 Collins St., Yarmouth, N.S.  B5A 3C8 - phone (902)742-5539, e-mail  We are pleased to introduce photos and information from the Museum publication by Eric Ruff and Laura Bradley, 'Images of our Past:  Historic Yarmouth Town & County'.  Visit the Museum website at

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