An Architectural Look at Yarmouth
"The Western Gateway Of Nova Scotia"

Scenes of Yarmouth

This scene, taken from the grounds of the "Fir Banks"  residence on Vancouver Street,  shows many icons of Milton.  Milton School is  in the background, as well as the two churches. Wesley Methodist was torn down and Milton Bapist has been totally remodeled. 
 This scene shows Yarmouth`s waterfront in its glory Yarmouth Harbourr was filled with  tall ships, which brought  much riches into the town. The two large buildings at the right and left still stand. The one at the right is a pub now, and the one at the left is a museum. Most of the other buildings are gone. 
Main Street, looking south, ca. early 1890s. Most of these building are gone on both the left and right sides of the street. R. H. Davis is now located between the MacLaughlin Store and the house to its south.  You can see the old Eatons store to the left and the Zellers store right. The only buildings remaining  are on the right side very far down the street. 
Main Street, looking north towards the Town Hall. The block of buildings to the left hasn`t really changed much in the last 100 years but the right block has. The Post  Office is gone and so is the movie theatre.