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The name of the shiretown and the county.  Off Highway 103.  First designated as Port Forchu or Forked Harbour (a translation of the Mi'kmaq Maligeak by Samuel de Champlain, the new name was transferred from Yarmouth, Massachusetts, by New England Planters and fishermen.  It appears first in the document "A Grant for a Township at Cape Forchu called Yarmouth (1 September 1759)". 

For many years, Yarmouth was the major ship building centre of Nova Scotia.  By the 1870s Yarmouth reached its pinnacle of fame and possessed more tonnage per capita than any other seaport in the world.  All of this was swept aside by the advent of steam and the consequent  decline of  Golden Age of  Sail.  Evidence of the prosperity of this bygone era may be found in the surviving domestic architecture of Yarmouth town and county.  In addition, the Yarmouth County Museum depicts much of this history through displays of ship portraits, models, archives, and other artifacts.  Yarmouth is also home to the Firefighters Museum of Nova Scotia, which houses a rare collection of early equipment and memorabilia. 

Incorporation of the town took place in 1890.  It is the terminus for ferry service across the Gulf of Maine to Bar Harbour and Portland.

The county, taking its name from the original township of 1759, was established by statute in 1836.  According to this legislation, it was "to contain, comprise, and comprehend the two townships of Yarmouth and Argyle..".



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