Rum Running part - 1

Rum Running Short Stories

Here is a group of thirty-eight short stories dealing with rum running and other items related to that era. Most are humorous, and pertain to the area of Yarmouth and the surrounding county.

All the stories are true and most of the rum runners have passed. These people were full of humor as many stories tell. While taking walks I would meet a character who would tell me a story and I would write it down.

During the time of the depression rum running was a quick, easy way of making good money. My parents, who lived then, were very poor. I feel obligated to write these stories before they are lost forever.

It was said that once there was a great need for food out West, so the good people of Yarmouth sent them dried fish. Not knowing what fish was, they took it and used it to shingle the sides of their barns.

Royce Nixon

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