Rum Running Yarmouth Nova Scotia page. 10

Rum Running part - 10

31.One bootlegger had a grocery store and in the display window he had out a square hole big enough to fit a keg of rum. The next door neighbor would call the R.C.M.P. on him whenever booze was delivered there. The police would come and could never find the rum. Once in the summer it was a hot day and the police came and could smell the rum but couldn't find it and every time he would stand right where it was hidden. This same bootlegger had a false roof built over the regular roof of the house and kept booze hidden there. The entry was small and only his eight years' old brother could get up there to get the booze. The bootlegger hid his booze underground under a layer of sod on his neighbor's land. The neighbor knew and would sample some of the goods and would tell the bootlegger what he did. He said payably in rent.

32. One fellow used to get a bit of rum, for his boss, from the restaurant down town. He went in and the owner had a hole hidden between the taps of pop where he kept rum. The rum would be given to the young lad and taken to his boss. The boss would get corked and his wife would come and say he was sick and take him home.

33. The town police could never catch this lady bootlegger as she had the boss hidden between the walls of the house and the line was hooked up to her water tap. Of all the times the police raided her house they never caught her.

34. In one place that was raided, the booze was taken out to the ditch and dumped. One old character was down at the bottom with bottles trying to scoop up the liquor.

35. An old street cleaner who lived in the 1930's was always teased and would get so mad and would throw his shovel at the one who would tease him.

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