Rum Running Yarmouth Nova Scotia page. 11

Rum Running part - 11

36. One fellow who had a store got this fellow who was not too bright to clean for him. The boss teased him and told him to put some elbow grease in the work. So the fellow started looking on the shelf and the proprietor said "what are you looking for," and the guy said, "grease."

37. This lady from the French shore was going through one of the French villages and not being too bright, or the best dressed, stopped by a farm and asked for shoe polish. She had a hole in the toe of her shoe and wanted to put the polish on her shoe so it would hide the hole. The reason was she wanted to go to church.

38. This other poor sole had a friend who was lost at sea. I believe he was to be married to her. After this tragedy occurred she became strange and never left home. Two brothers would go to her window and she would lower a bucket with a few coins. They would do her errands, getting food and such from the store.

39. One fellow from the country area left the harbor one night to pick up a load of rum from the town wharf. Of course this was by boat and it was a very foggy night. He was warned not to go to sea but he did. Now, old Don went with only a compass, picked up his load of rum and made it back to his destination. He anchored the boat and went ashore to meet his contact. When he returned to the boat, three quarters of the rum had been stolen. Even the local priest, who was against rum running, said how low that was and said the booze should be returned. 40. One lady told me during the 1920s and 1930s that the fishermen were lucky and always had food. She said one day we had salt herring and potatoes, and the next day potatoes and salt herring.

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