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 Interpretive nature trails begin at the wharf and lead through the wood,  past marshes and along shorelines. The oldest  maintained Acadian historical site in southwestern Nova Scotia, the Butte-de-la-Croix, is a symbol of the courage and perseverance of the Acadians returning from exile in 1767. The Festival Acadien de Wedgeport is held here at the end of June.
St. Michael's Church (left), Wedgeport. The Mission of St. Michael's,  to become the present Parish, was established and the first church built in 1822. A second church was built in 1867. It was remodelled and the spire removed in 1903.   In 1913 it was incorporated into the much enlarged church of St. Michael of today. The church is noted for its magnificent Memorial windows: and for its High Altar beautifully carved by two parishioners.
The community of Wedgeport hosts the annual Festival Acadien de Wedgeport each year. The Festival celebrates Canadian and Acadian heritage and includes Canada Day ceremonies, parades, variety shows, bazaar, Acadien pagent, traditional costumes, dance, softball tournaments. Ethnic food will be cooked and sold during the festival. Some events have admission fees, most are free.

The picture on the left is that of the very rare, slender sea-spruce. First discovered April 1st am 1801.

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digging for worms Loadinf on ice
Worming on the mud flats. Loading ice for the trip.
Wedgeport harbour seaweed catch
If you have a love of the sea. 
You will love Wedgeport.
Boat loaded with rockweed.
Rockweeder in the boat name Aqua Sport is my son Warren Doucette. Love from Mom: Elizabeth 
Doucette, Billy Dorothy and Joan Doucette, 
Lr Wedgeport at Tuna Wharf 1947.jpg 


Wedgeport Links

Wedgeport Sport Tuna Fishing Museum and Interpretive Centre  Very interesting and informative site  Famous people tuna fishing  and much more. 
Welcome to Wedgeport Brief presentation
The Old Fishing Photos Gallery Some of these photos are of famous people tuna fishing in Wedgeport
Early mesozoic alkaline mafic dykes,  Scientific report: Southwestern Nova Scotia, Canada, and their bearing on triassic-jurassic magmatism  PDF file
 Fire Department The Wedgeport & Plymouth Fire Department
Free Wedgeport Lookups I have a genealogy book for Wedgeport (Tusket), Yarmouth County. Am willing to do lookups.
École Wedgeport
Cyrille LeBlanc Following is a summary of a presentation to the Nova Scotia Select Committee On National Unity, 14 January 1998, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia by Cyrille LeBlanc, a self described Canadian and Acadian nationalist.
Wedgeport Telephone Company Limited One of several companies listed on this page shows rates from Wedgeport Telephone Company Rates, as approved on 19 April 1916 
Wedgeport Tusket Islands Cruise For the taste of Nova Scotia! Daily narrated (bilingual) 4 hour ecotour cruises from the Wedgeport Historic Tuna Wharf, to the picturesque and enchanting ...

Your site (sights) on the web are wonderful. It brings back memories of where I grew up, many years ago. Please go to site: and click on "Bookstore Links" and the book titled, "Slices," has several stories that are based on my growing up in Wedgeport, Nova Scotia. One of these stories is fishing the great Blue Fin Tuna on the Soldier's Rip, a second story is about an eight-year old boy who goes to Doucette's Wharf to get fresh fish for dinner, and what he sees and does on his way there. A third story is about a family who crosses the Bay of Fundy on the Bluenose, in a terrible storm. Another story, "Confession of a Wanderer" has its setting in the Tuna Wharf coffee shop. And, at this site, you may read poems and ballads about Wedgeport.  Also, at this site, the main character of the book titled, "Distant Shore: A Caribbean Escape" was born! and raised in Acadie. Thanks, Bill Boudreau (in Wedgeport known as Billy a Cyriac), Oklahoma City.

"Olsegon is a two-mystery novel. The Miíkmag called Wedgeport, Olsegon.

On a July afternoon, 1950, Amber Greenís fourteen-month-old boy, Rusty, disappears from his playpen in the yard. A search progresses through mysterious Wolfwood Forest, adjacent to Amberís house. Mark Snipe, sheriff, finds skimpy evidence.

While citizens and the RCMP comb Wolfwood Forest all the way to the cemetery and marsh, Mark and Amberís interaction rekindles memories of their relationship, her failed affairs, and shaky marriage. Pregnant with her older boy, Vincent, fathered by Mark, the nuns eject Amber from school. Drafted, Mark does not know she carries his child. He experiences WWII on Dieppe beach, German prison, solitary confinement, and the death march.

On the second day, Mark connects clues. He guides the parents beyond Wolfwood Forest to an islet where they discover the kidnapper. Amber rescues Rusty, unharmed.

A year later, the rape and murder of teenager Lisa Surette on Fishermenís Island stirs Olsegon. Townsmen and Lisaís parents blame the mystery man who lives on Massacre Island, near Fishermenís Island. Sheriff, Mark Snipe, not convinced and pressured, agrees to seek out the hermit.

War recollections still haunt Mark.

Reported by fishermen, the mystery man disappears on sight. No one knows where he came from.

Amber, divorced, she and Mark are lovers.

On Massacre Island, the sheriff leads four men up a cliff, in a forest, to an embedded marsh, sea cove, into caves where the team discovers skeletons, hieroglyphics, artifacts, who the mystery man is, and who murdered Lisa."

Visit to learn more about Olsegon.
ISBN-10 1-60145-037-0
ISBN-13 978-1-60145-037-1


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