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Topics submitted in 2005

Election 2006: 
Once again we exercise our democratic right.Which way aill you vote??
Get out and vote.  The system does not work if you do not get involved
I haven't heard yet, but are we putting the thieving politicians in prison and getting some of the millions back? Maybe I'm misinformed and there really is no theft. Talk about stealing from the aged and helpless if it's true! I know I would rather be robbed in the street by a stranger as he will get nothing, but to be robbed constantly by a friend I helped into office----
Roy Killam Yarmouth

Taking away handguns, or buying them back, is yet another waste of money! I can make mine unservicable, and will before I give it up , but a nine year old could have it firing again in 10 minutes.There are people working with the idea that sensors in the handles of new guns will identify its owner and let only him or her fire it!!  When a cop pulls his issue he needs to know it will work as doubt will certainly cause him to fire it a split second earlier and he isn't out to "wing' you!! Pardon the pun but get a grip!! We all know the legal weapons aren't the killers, the killers are and they aren't about to use a registered gun, even a stolen one!!
Anyone that thinks they couldn't make a gun, in a modestly outfitted workshop, is doing just that--- thinking they can't !!
What is needed is more strict penalties for those caught on the streets with these illegal weapons. It's a shame for the innocent involved in all these shootings lately, but really, how many were " innocent"??  That's enough of that !! 
Roy Killam, Yarmouth

Personally I think that no matter what party is in power at some point in time they have to be replaced.  A vote for the party is also a vote for what they have done.  Their are things that the present party has done that are very questionable and maybe illegal.  Things have been changed with little concern for what the people of Canada really want. Their is a certain arrogance and complacency that develops when one feels to secure in ones position.  The fear of the unknown will cause some to not vote for Harper.  The fear of what might happen if the present party stays in power is what really scares me.  It bothers me that a party leader can force members to vote as he wants them to vote, and not as them may wish.  Our democratic power is but one day out of a thousand.   I pray that Canada makes the right choice.

With regard to guns their was one sate in the USA that felt everyone should have guns as it would prevent crime.  Talk about different methods of solving the same problem.

G. LeBlanc

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