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Pollution in The Tusket  The Salmon River & The Sissiboo

Tri-County Watershed Protection Association
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Mink update 2016

Algae Blooms 2016  

ogder 2017
Lake Ogden

Riverdale Fur Farm in receivership as mink industry battles 'state of attrition'  CBC.ca  The phone numbers listed for the Riverdale Fur Farm have all been disconnected and the associated properties have been placed in receivership. August 3, 2016

PEI mink industry barely hanging on in tough times
Peter Peters, P.E.I. Fur Breeders Association. "There's an oversupply of mink skins at the moment. The Russian market is not buying ó the ruble is¬  ...August 2, 2016

August 12/2016
From: "g-k.chandler@ns.sympatico.ca"Apparently Wentworth Lake is now an absolute mess - stinks and full of green algae. Have not seen it myself, and I don't know much else - but Wentworth is fed from the same system as Hourglass ...there is also a Municipal or Provincial Park on Wentworth...wonder on it's condition....  I will try to have a look see...... 
Subject: Fwd: Mink Farmers sink in red ink.  From: Julia <julia@juliabancroft.com> From Paul Mazier.

From: Paul <paulmazier@eastlink.ca>
Date: August 7, 2016 at 5:45:45 PM ADT
To: "newsroom@herald.ca" <newsroom@herald.ca>
Cc: "kldawson@sympatico.ca" <kldawson@sympatico.ca>, Gilbert Chandler <gjchand@eastlink.ca>, yvonne frechette <gfrechette@bell.net>, julie bancroft <julia@juliabancroft.com>
Subject: Mink Farmers sink in red ink.

Read your article regarding the above subject and suggest a more appropriate headline would be Mink Farms Stink in red ink.   I live in Hectanooga where there is a very large mink farm (capacity 50k plus) and was placed there with approval of both the Municipal and Provincial governments without, I might add, any consultation with the citizens of Clare.  Did I mention it was placed approximately in the center of the heaviest  population in our community .  We have been plagued, each year, since its inception with noxious odours, flyís and sea gulls.  The Provincial government introduced Fur Farm Regulations in January 2016 which by the way, were influenced significantly by the Industries Lobbyistís and itís Membership.   However, we see that the bottom has fallen out of the Mink Industry and Governments insist on bailing them out at a cost to tax payers.

Given their financial constraights, one doesnít have to be a genius to understand that maintenance and proper disposal of manure and food waste becomes a way of reducing costs.  This brings me to where the citizens of Hectanooga mustí not only bear the costs of deferring payments for another year but , must also bear the results of the farms from exercising applied Regulations and suffer the intensity of neglect of proper disposal of their waste.  The lake in front of my home which, never had sea gull until the introduction of the Mink Farm, is now a haven to upwards of 100 seagulls at a time, making numerous trips per day.  Keep in mind that we reside inland approximately 12 kilometers from Saint Maryís Bay, the normal habitant for sea gulls.  I Have never heard of a species called ďLake GullsĒ and therefore, conclude they donít exist.  E-Mails to the Premier and the Agriculture Minister and his staff has fallen on deaf ears.  The Ministerís form letters insist that all is well and their are no violations, yet they canít effectively explain the presence of the sea gulls.  As a Senior Citizen who has  contributed faithfully and willingly to  Nova Scotia, I believe Iím entitled to a reasonable explanation and not be dismissed with a condescending, patronizing and superior attitude as expressed by the  Minister and his Staff .  All we ask for our community is that Mink Farms comply with the established Regulations and those elected, appointed or acting on behalf of Government do their job and what they preach.  As you may well agree, Iíve concentrated on improving our quality of life and have not discussed the issue of the Environmental Impact of the these operations.  As I write this, I gaze out my window and observe approximately 100 sea gulls taking a breather from feeding and defecating in the lake.  How sad are our lives that we have to live our remaining years in this kind of unnecessary pain.


Paul Mazier


Subject: Mink

From: Jonathan Smith <mrrastapopolos@gmail.com>
To: webmaster@yarmouth.org

I see the Mink Stink page hasn't had any updated info for a while. Whatever you do, don't give up the fight. People who live near these disgusting "farms" should not be treated like second class citizens. The mink deserve better too. Our community is completely infested by flies and the authorities do nothing.

Two thirds of Canadians oppose this barbaric industry, yet the government subsidizes them and turns a blind eye to the pollution and disruption to people's quality of life. This must stop now!

Keep fighting. Don't give up.


Jonathan Smith
Algae Blooms 2016  


Nobody's Listenin'
Video Collection
1. Mink Stink Song
Mr. John Horton
2. mink stink -public ditch 
3.Nowlans Lake Pollution
4. Little Lake Doucette

Massive numbers of
sea gulls over my house@!

Worlds second largest
Aleutian disease laboratory

housed in the
same building
as elementary school

Sloans Lake mink farm
Feed Kitchen in Havelock
340 Feed Kitchen
in Havelock,
salmon hatchery
Million-salmon hatchery
on Hourglass Lake
fur farm
Hillsdale Fur Farm
the largest.
Eastern side .
wentworth river
Typical cyanobacteria
plume on
Wentworth RIver
Pictures above
From: John Horton
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2012
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful , committed people can change the world. - Margaret Mead"
Pollution in The Tusket  The Salmon River & The Sissiboo

Tri-County Watershed Protection Association
This web site started 15 Apr 2009 at the request of Mr.John Halley Horton BSc(Agr)
It is edited and commented on by Godfrey LeBlanc BSc,Ed.
Your comments, solutions are welcome.  Email webmaster@yarmouth.org  (Subject line: Mink  ).
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New report reveals toxic fur in childrenís clothing
The process of fur cleaning and tanning often takes place in China, where heavy metals, solvents and pesticides are used. Among the tested garments, chemicals that are classified as endoncrine disruptors, cancer and allergy-causing agents were found.

Viking Furs Inc. bows out of Placentia Junction fur farm for now.
Viking Furs Inc, the company behind a proposal that would see a mink fur farm operate near Placentia Junction, has withdrawn its application for the area.

About $20 million in federal and provincial assistance was handed out the Nova Scotia mink industry in December.

Nova Scotia mink industry facing financial disaster
Prized pelt that costs $50 to produce, sold for $100 last year but is now down to $40 or less By Paul Withers, CBC News Posted: Dec 12, 2014 8:15 PM AT Last Updated: Dec 12, 2014 8:15 PM AT  (check 87 comments)
N.S. agriculture risk manager Peggy Weatherby says 93 of 96 Nova Scotia mink farms have applied for assistance.

Poop problems  Mink stink leads to formal complaints.
|Posted By on Thu, Nov 13, 2014 at 4:36 PM  :  s

ACTION ITEM: Water quality below threshold in NS mink farm territory  08/06/2014 - 10:20http://furbearerdefenders.com/blog/action-item-water-quality-below-threshold-in-ns-mink-farm-territory

Baseline Water Quality Survey of the Annapolis, Cornwallis and Habitant River Watersheds  Prepared for Nova Scotia Environment by  M. Brylinsky  Acadia Center for Estuarine Research  Acadia University  Wolfville Nova Scotia  June 2014

Results of the 2013 Water Quality Survey of Eleven Lakes Located in the Carleton River Watershed Area of Digby and Yarmouth Counties, Nova Scotia Prepared for Nova Scotia Environment By M. Brylinsky  REPORT: http://www.novascotia.ca/nse/surface.water/docs/carleton-river-watershed-survey-2013.pd
Desmog Series : About us
Mink Farm Pollution Key Culprit in Rendering Nova Scotia Lakes Unswimmable:

Global Fur Farm stats for 2014
Once again the lakes of Yarmouth County are turning green. We have 10 in total, plus the 50 kilometres of the Carlton-Tusket river system in southwest Nova Scotia.The government is very blasť about Cyanobacteria. They say itís fairly harmless, but donít swim in it, do not eat fish from it and do not breathe in vapours from it.   Boiling will not fix it and children and dogs are most susceptible to infections.

READERíS CORNER: Stop pollution behind algae blooms   June 30, 2014 Julia Bancroft,             

Very Bad out here so far this year..
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June 23, 2014
* This year pollution starting to turn some lakes green (source)
* Mink prices are down to about half of last year.  (S)
* Rumor has it that some farms are closing and many mink may have to be destroyed.
* Reduction in property values.  Some reassessment taking place
* Discussion paper about solid waste regulation in Nova Scotia, ---Manure disposal?

Behind The Lies videos:
Though we interviewed more than two dozen families, only a few agreed to have their interviews broadcast publicly, due to fear of stigma or reprisal for speaking out against the fur farm industry.

animal rights

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