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Subject Line:   Should tax payers pay extra for road construction in their area

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Rural Homeowners on the hook for Paving Roads!

This headline from the Vanguard is a real "SAY WHAT?" statement.  Basically what they want to do is have people who live on a road to share the cost.  A kilometer of road costs about $200,000.  The provience will pay 50%, the muicipality 25% and $50.000 per kilometer will be paid by those who live on the road.   If you think it sounds fair....Think again    

Comment #1:

I am not sure what criteria should be used to decide which road should be paved.  If paying for it ourselves is the solution,  this road, North Ohio will never get paved, despite the fact that I and others have been paying taxes here for almost 35+ years,.  Not that we do not want it paved  but most of us have enough trouble making ends meet from one pay check to the next.  We pay taxes for modest services. If this process is adopted, in reality then, we humble peasants will be subsidizing the construction of roads for those who can come up with the $50,000 per kilometer. Remember that the municipality's share comes partly from the taxes we pay.  This is similar to the problem that can happen with the privatization of health care.  On the surface both sound good but in reality they widen the gap between the have's and have-not's. 

Now I have lived long enough to know that one man's opinion is not the final answer, and I have been positive about issues in the past only to find out that I was positively wrong.  There is however one other problem with the proposal.   If rich street pays to have their road paved and eventually poor street gets paved without personal monitory input, what will be the attitude of rich street.  I know I would not be happy if I had to pay for something that someone got for nothing. God knows what other user fees could be next.  Please give serious thought to this proposal.

I don't want to end on a negative note and I do not want to negate all the positive things that have happened in our county and town.  All in all Yarmouth is a great place to live.  As one RCMP officer said " even the crooks are nicer here than in other places I have been". 


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