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Lights on Starrs Road.

From: "Administration" <>
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Subject: Lights on Starrs Rd., 

The only problem with any of the lights on Starrs Rd. are the people holding up traffic at a red light when it is perfectly legal to proceed after stopping first to allow the intersection to clear.  A red light is a just a fancy "STOP" sign.Try it, as long as you are the first in an intersection, you have the right of way. Please make sure you have enough time to get through as the green lighters are aiming for you. The traffic has been backed up at the "new mall" driveway (which was put there illegally as it is too near an intersection) as far as H.H. when there was no, repeat no opposing vehicles!!  Try this but when the patrol officer says you "went through" a red light, be nice, tell him or her you stopped then proceeded when the intersection was cleared and safe. I am looking for "letters to the editor" but can't find it. Can you help??? tks, Roy Killam, Yarmouth

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