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John's Cove Community

Even before the sun comes up, the Yarmouth Bar at John's Cove begins to buzz with the lobster fisherman getting ready to make a start on the day. Lobster fishing, along with long lining, dragging, sword fishing, and tuna fishing is the main industry in this area. Therefore the survival of this industry is crucial to the community's survival.

If you do happen to visit John's Cove along your travels, take your time driving along the winding road. Take in the beautiful scenery. There are a few look out points scattered throughout John's Cove. Take the time to gaze out into the harbor, you may even catch a glimpse of the Cat coming or going and the fishing vessels bustling about. Then you can make your way down to the wharf and look at the various types of fishing boats and maybe have a talk with one of the locals. The people of John's Cove are always willing to have good chat.

So maybe next time you take a trip to the Cape Forchu Lighthouse. Why don't you stop by John's Cove Wharf (Yarmouth Bar) along the way. To have a chat and take in the hustle and bustle of the everyday life of the local fishermen.

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