CONCERT in Lake Annis

 July 12th, 1975 - Norwood church - "Music for and Oboe and Trumpet" played by Mas Fopma of Amsterdam , a niece of Jack Degooye and Nathaniel Starrels of  Philadelphia , a friend of David Reifsnyder . There were 43 in the audience.


Krenek - Sonatina for Oboe solo (1956)
Allergo Vivace
Andante Moderato
Allegro Vivace

Haydn - Concerto for trumpet Andante

Benjamin Britten - Metamorphosis after Ovid
I. Pan
III. Niobe

Stanley - Trumpet Voluntary (1970)

Bchumann - Romances No. 1

Hummel - Trumpet Concerto (1840)

Gordon Jacob - Seven Bagetelles (1867)
III. Waltz
IV. Limerick
II. Elegy
V. Chinese Tune

Jeremiah Clarke - Trumpet Voluntary . (mistakenly ascribed to Purcell)

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