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Information taken from a album belonging to Mr. John Goudey.  We have done our best to give credit where credit was due.
Some of the material was difficult to reproduce, please excuse grammatical errors.


Link Date Description
Origin of Lake Annis Name  How the lake got its name is wrapped in a bit of  mystery.
Norwood Church

News Clippings

Link Date Description
Musical 1928  Sunday evening musicales of the Lake Annis,  Sunday, August 5th,
Beautiful Lake Annis 1947 By Guy  C. Pelton
Lake Annis 1965 F. Goudey:  Several dull and foggy days and some very welcome showers...
Garden Show 1965 Lake Annis Garden Show Held on Saturday, August 14 
Lake Annis  1965 Mrs. Alice (Wyman) Scott of Princeton. N.J...... Lake Annis Aug. 19, 1965
Beautiful Lake Annis 1969 August 14, 1969: The many friends of Mrs. Morris Abraham, Raynardton, Yarmouth Co., 
Flower Show Held 1978 Aug 19, 1978:  The lake Annis flower show was held at Dr.James Moores
Flower show-1980 1980 Record number of entries in Lake Annis flower show 
Lake Annis News 1980 August 1980:Davis Cain with is wife and family came from Ottawa to visit his mother, Marjorie
William S. Crosby 1980 Yarmouth County was one of two crew members who survived
Alexander MacAuley ???? Mrs. Alexander (Isabel) MacAuley is the Only Nova Scotian honored by the Queen with the Dame of Grace of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.
MRS. BARBARA  MACLEOD 1981 Feb. 1981   MRS. BARBARA  MACLEOD died at 101
Flower show 1981 Annual Lake Annis flower show held Aug.15 1981
Aunt Sadie Green Aunt Sadie Green's Art Exhibit At Lake Annis
Colonel A.J. Crosby 1988 Appointed commander of No.1  Air reserve wing CFB Montreal ,at St. Hubert Que.
Canoes ? Willard Hewey of Lake Annis, one of the Maritime's best known canoe maker
Fire Dept. Dec 6 1977 1977 Lakes And District Form Fire Dept. 
Kevin Horton Second Lt. Kevin Horton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Murray Horton Jr. of Brenton,
Willard Hewey


1 Group Photo May 1908 1908 George Earle, Harry Lewis, Enos Parker, George Steward, Ned Vickery
4 Group photo 1919 Corn boil Sept 13, 1919
5 Group on verandah
6 Group of  kids Vickery Twins,  Ann & George Hare
7 Jack Goudey 1962 Standing by train station
8 Clem & Esther 1970 Golden Wedding Anniversary
9 Evertte, Davis,Scott & Andy Splitting wood
10 Gint & Vic Cain A day at the Lake
11 Couple1

Various events

1. CONCERT in Lake Annis 1975 July 12th, 1975 - Norwood church - "Music for and Oboe and Trumpet" played by Mas Fopma of Amsterdam


1. Bits of history 1976-1982 Various bits of information on Lake Annis Community
2. Append to Vickery History 10 page presentation history Lake Annis and  Norwood


1 Map Road map of Lake Annis area
2 Arial Photo Department of Forestry view of Lake Annis area (smaller Copy)
3 Recipe Tuttie Fruitti Cake
4 School List of teachers in the Norwwod Lake Annis School
5 School List of teachers in the Norwwod Lake Annis School #2