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Record number of entries in Lake Annis flower show 

By Bob Brooks 

 LAKE ANNIS- The annual Lake Annis Flower Show and tea was held recently with over 75 local residents attending this annual event. This event  has been held continuously now for over a century. 

A record entry list this year made the judging extremely difficult with the judges remarking "that the adult and visitor involvement seemed to be up this year over previous years." 

The theme for this year's show was "place names in Nova Scotia." Next years theme will be "royalty".  Judges for the show were Gwen Trask of Wellignton and Margaret Trask of Yarmouth. 

Committee chairman was Janice Culver of Hartford, Connecticut. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Cain allowed the contestants to use the volley ball court at camp Mooswa for the show.  There were a record total of 53 entries this year - 38 adult and 15 children. There were four major categories in which the flowers were entered: Artistic, Humor, Imagination, Appropriate to theme, use of Natural Materials. 

Children 16 and under: 

Artistic: 1st Peter Reifsynder ( Bloody Creek; 2nd Marleen Sweeny, Liverpool; 3rd Jeannie Vallilee, Paradise. 

Humor: 1st Timmy Vallilee, Rockingham; 2nd Tina Mae Sweeney, Springhill and 3rd Sarah Vallilee, Joggins. 

Use of Natural Materials 1st Annick DeGooyer, Little Egypt; 2nd Tammy Cain, Stonehouse and 3rd Geoffrey Lundon, Mud Island. 
Appropriate to Theme: 1st Kermit DeGooyer, Cape Forchu and 2nd Kevin Vallilee, Kingston. 


Artistic: 1st Janice Culiver, Isle Madame; 2nd Eda Drugg, Bras dOr;3rd Marion Brooks, Garland and 4th Frances Goudey, Pictou. 

Humor/Imagination: 1st  Beth Brooks, Mushaboom; 2n Bob Reifsynder, Garden of Eden: 3rd Bob Brooks, Visuvius and 4th Jack  DeGooyer, Upper Branch/ Lower Branch. 

Darling Category: 1st Kay Killam, Christmas Island and 2nd Karen Rosser, Christmas Island. 

Use of Natural Materials: 1st Elleen Rhuda, Indian Harbour; 2nd Willard Hewey, Oxford; 3rd Arthur Kay, Deerfield and 4th Ruth Stanton, Church Point. 

Appropriate to Theme: 1st Marjorie Elderidge, Shelburne; 2nd Kay  Kay, Eldersbank; 3rd Lillian Heway, Oxford and 4th Irene Corbitt, Liverpool. 

Digitized by Candice Surette 


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