Origin of Lake Annis Name

 How the lake got its mane is wrapped in a bit of  mystery.  It probably reasonable to assume that it was named after the ANNIS family, although which branch and when, seems to be unknown.

An old map of Yarmouth County dated 1806 shows the name as TEDFORD LAKE.

A map of  Yarmouth County produced in 1864 by A. F. Church & Co. of Granville  Street in Halifax, shows it as LAKE ANNIS.  The story that it was named by the section man when the railway was put through cannot, therefore, be correct.  There is however, some reason to believe that  LAKE JESSIE was named after the wife of one the railway workers.

The following interesting paragraph is taken from an “Historical and Descriptive Annotated Guide” published by the Dominion Atlantic Railway in 1947:

LAKE ANNIS, Yarmouth County                                          Mile 16.63

Elevation 172 (Miles from Halifax 200.23)
History:  Takes its name from the Annis family, its pioneer settlers.

This is another place of resort for the citizens of Yarmouth , whose cozy bungalows may be seen from the car windows.  It is at the point that Mooswa, a summer camp for boys, is ideally located on the lake shore. Under the direction of a capable and reliable Camp Director, the boys became skilled in land and water sports and manual training, in harmony with camp life, and receive some tutoring.  One of the permanent buildings can be seen near the southeast corner of the lake.

Editor’s Note -

Mr. R. U. Parker, a former General Passenger Agent stationed both in Halifax and Kentville, gathered the material for this Guide.  There does not seem to be any
foundation for his statement that the Annis family were pioneers settlers  in this area. Incidentally Mooswa is in the northeast corner of the lake.

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