Lake Annis 1976

Rev. George MacLean completed a cottage east of Seymour Crowell on the old pasture of Elmer Cossar's, where mayflowers and juniper have grown for the past fifteen years. No-47

Alice Wymen Scott acquired the old "Rozee Stucco Cottage" from Agnes Wyman, her sister-in-law. Did repairs and had the place painted.  It is furnished very tastefully.  Alice spent two months here after being away for many years.  This can now be regarded as her home. No.33

John Whitaker added three rooms to the back of his house and purchased the old Cossar Farm which has been occupied for 8 years by Howard and Erma Harris and their children, Rusty, Lloyd, Scott and Barbara.  They are all active in 4 H Club cattle raising. Lloyd's oxen won the Junior Ox Haul at Yarmouth Exhibition.  Their calves also took prizes.

After the storm on Ground Hog day February 2nd, everyone had many fallen trees which had to be cleared away.  Impossible to burn the debris because of dry weather.

Many, children here most of this summer - 5 Whitakers, 2 Griggs (Ethel Bere's grandsons) 3 Stanfords from England, 2 Eldridges; also Peter Reufsnyder for three weeks in August.  Held good Sing Song in the grove with Ken Guitard and his guitar.

1980 NOTES

No. 36- "Keeping Room" owned by Seymour Crowell was purchased by the Rev. Ray corbett of Beacon Church, Seymour having passed awya in 1979.  Renamed Deen Eideamn

Robert Killiam started a new Cottage on the lot where No. 35 belonging to his father stands.  The new cottage started in 1979 and finished in 1980 is situated near the railway track and has a good view of the lake.  There is a good gravel road to it and the power line erected.  The little old cottage has been torn down by Doug.  Eldridge and the ground levelled off.

Wearing Rozee who passed away in January 1978, left his cottage No. 23 on the plan, to his son jummy.

Viola Benson who inherited No. 29, her father's house, has given the house and all the property to her daughter Carol Glazier, Viola is not able to come to Lake Annis and care for the place.

In 1979 the main part of the house at Camp Mooswa was torn down.  The kitchenell has been made into a nice-looking home, turning it a quarter turn and in the same location, by Scott Cain, son of Victor.

The Fire Station at Norwood was built in 1978.  In 1979 John Goudey while in Lake Annis for his summer vacation, showed slides of Hong Kong.  Those who attended took their own folding chairs.  It was very successful.

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David Cain with his wife and family came from Ottawa to visit his Mother Marjorie  who the day they left unfortunately fell and broke her ankle in two places.  She was  transported to the Yarmouth Hospital by ambulance where she remains uncomfortably.    It was "old home week" for Stewart Cossar who came from Ottawa with his wife and three young people to spend some time with his Mother Bessie Cossar.  Also for Gwen (Hewey) Parsons who with her son Neil have been living in the Vaka Cotage.  The three elder Whitaker boys left to back-pack in Europe where later they will meet Johnny and their Mother and two younger brothers and all will attend the Obermagau  Passion Play, before they return to colleges in the United States and schools in Yarmouth.

Recently many wells in the area were tested by the Dept. of Health and found unfit for drinking unless boiled.  It has been a dry summer in spite of the fog.

Seven services have been held in the Church at Norwood, the Services were led by the following: Re. George MacLean who has a cottage in Lake Annis, Rev.Robert Curry from Waterville, Maine, Rev. Stuart MacLearn of Pleasant Valley, Rev. Bill Newell, Milton Baptist, Ven. MacAlistar Ellis of Trinity, Rev. Stanley Harrison, Zion, Rev. Raymond, of Beacon who also has a cottage at the Lake.

Marianne Manuge entertained wind-surfing friends over a weekend also a very musical Dutch couple.

Beth Brooks is going to Carleton University to continue her studies for a Masters Degree in External Affairs.

Mrs. Bob Reifanyder (Pat) was a Kennedy delegate to the Democratic National Convention in New York, where she and Lies DeGooyer stayed with her daughter Abbie, who is working with a publishing firm.

Galen and Betty Vickery spent a few days with their friends Harry and Nancy flowers who were celebrating their 25th Anniversary.

Mrs. John F. Goudey (Dorothy) Goudey came all the way from Hong Kong to care for his Mother Frances Goudey, who has been obliged to rest all summer.  Since her graduation from Acadia in May, Martha Goudey has been working for the Dept. of Fisheries and Oceanography on a Sea Weed project in Argyle.

Mrs. Viola Benson and her sister Gladys Baker are expected Aug. 22nd to spend two weeks in her home.  Carol Glazier, her daughter with two teenagers will join her their.

Rev. Raymond Corbett and his wife Irene usually spend a couple of days every week at their cottage.

Webster Culver, his daughter Janis and grand daughter Cindy with friends, have joined his wife Bea for a month.

There is Considerable activity over on the Mooswa Campus, a new tennis court, and areas for other sports, has been provided and being well used.

A successful "Flower Show" was held at Mooswa Aug.18th The "Place Names of Nova Scotia" provided a test of originality and creativity.


Stewart Cossar with his wife Beth and twin boys philip and Roy moved from Ottawa to occupy his Mother's house in our village, Permanent residents.

The old farm house, now belonging to John Whitaker has been completely renovated inside and painted outside and is now rented to Fevens and Mrs. Stewart who has two young children who will be going to school in port Maitland this fall.

Ron and Dorothy Vallillee next door to the farm have been a good addition to the community.  Their four children help to liven the neighborhood and the NATAL DAY events promoted were noisy parade in the morning, pancake breakfast, sports of all sorts and the climax was a barbecue at John Whitaker's for everyone and it was a cool event in spite of the good fire.  Weather unfavorable.

John and Dorothy Goudey invited everyone to a "Lemonade" afternoon party at the Boat House to view his newly installed "DOCK" It was well attended by citizens aged from 9 months to 92 years. (Doug & Kioko's baby Elinor to Jim Vickery).

A GOLDEN WEDDING was celebrated at Bea and Web culver's one Sunday in August.  Their daughter Janice and grand daughter Cindy made all the arrangements for more then 50 guests.

The Annual Flower Show held at Mooswa was as usual the high light of the season. The Theme Famous Shins considered by many to be difficult brought in 3 displays many of which were both beutiful and clever.  Kon Tiki represented many hours of work while the "May-flower--or May-not" was a 5 minute effort.

The seven Sunday church services gae people an opportunity to meet everyone who was only here for a short time and as Rev. Ray Corbett, our resident minister the gathering after each meeting was the best part of the service.  Old friends and families greeting each other.

In spite of the many dull days, foggy and rainy, the time has passed quickly and the younger people down by the Lake have enjoyed the water for sail boats and canoes have been well used.

LAKE ANNIS High Lights of 1982

Viola Benson returned after two years absence with her daughter Carol Glazier and Gladys Morton for a ten day visit.

Nancy Bere with Ethel's Nancy made a two week stay at "Tooth acre" weather unfavorable.

Galen and Betty Vickery had the usual run of visitors and everyone was glad to see the Flowers here again.

The Whitaker boys were home, this time with "Girl Friends" who enjoyed the canoeing.

The three daughters of Bob and Kay Killam came to visit their parents, one brought her husband, Katie Lou and Don Mclaughton made a hasty trip through the village calling on friends.

Ivy Goodwin living with Frances Goudey provided some interest and entertainment with her canoe building, spinning and weaving activities not to mention the variety of cars she drove.

Gwenny Hewey with Bucky her husband and their two boys occupied the Vaka cottage for awhile and Gale visited her grandparents.

The Biddles, Joan Nicky and their three daughters with a friend were in the Moore's cottage for two weeks.

Ruth Kirk came from Ottawa for only a short visit with her Mother.  Andy and Janet were in and out several times diuing the season.  Their sail boat was well used.

Jimmy Rozee and Various family and friends spent many weekends at the owl's Nest.

Duncan Perry with his sons came to his Mothers cottage and the Cain boys Murray and David occupied their cottage for short stays.

The Reifsnyders having purchased the "Gynt Cain" cottage have a more substantial interest in the community but were unable to spend much  time  here this year due to other commitments.

Peter and Mary Eldridge launched the sail boat purchased from Elizabeth Manuge, formerly Seymour's so it will once again sail in Lake Annis.

Pete and Marion Gerrard spent the entire summer here caring for the Macleod house and garden.  Phyllis visited for a while.  Dr. Norman came spring and fall.

1.   This was the first mill in the Lake Annis district.  It is on the brook that runs out of the Lake and was built by Ben moses, who it is said lived over the mill.  The date can bebest appreciated from the following record.  He had a son John Henry who was drowned in the small pond just below the mill.  There is a broken tomb stone in the Lake George cemetery which reads - "John Henry Moses, son of Ben Moses, drowned May 10 1860". The mill did not have a circular saw, but one that went up and down.  The records in the Court House in Yarmouth states that the mill was build on land purchased in 1840.  It is shown on an early map of the County printed in 1871 by Church, to be at the end of the then existing road. The first house build by Mr. George Cossar in 1868, one of the oldest residents of Lake Annis, used boards sawed at the Moses mill.  It was still standing when this was written in 1975.  The mill is reported to have burned down in or about 1870.


Sawmills Not Complete

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