Lake Annis
Aug 19, 1965

Mrs. Alice (Wyman) Scott of Princeton. N.J. is visiting her brother. Mr. Douglas Wyman and Mrs. wyman.  Mr. and Mrs. Donald day had as weekend guest. Mrs. George Killam of Yarmouth.  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Manuge of Sunnyside entertained Mr. jolly and his son of India as weekend guests.

Mr. John Patterson curator of the Boston Hayden Planetarium, and his wife, have been spending a portion of their vacation at "Beechwood", the Highy cottage. While here they enjoyed a party with old friends, the Jack Allens and the Clark Higbys being part of the group.

The Willard Heresy have completed summer course and have taken up residences for the remaining part of the school year.   Mr. Hugh Cain is enjoying his vacation at present.   The Don Cain of Yarmouth visited the CAW. Crowells during the week. they also arrived one day by DAR liner to visit the Hugh Cans accompanied by their charming five-year-old twin grand daughters, Cheryl and Charlene.   Mrs. jack Goudey's son and family, who have been her guests at "Northward" for the
last three weeks, left during the week.

Mrs. Viola Benson has been visiting friends in Glenwood.  Mr. Galen Vickery spend the weekend at "Bryan Manor." Mrs. Vickery is visiting her sister, Mrs. and Dr. O. I. Stantlen on salt Spring Island. B.C.   The Reconsiders of Philadelphia, who are occupying "Mater's" Cottage at Mooswa, entertained a few friends at the cocktail hour on Wednesday.   Mrs. Margaret Cann had as weekend guests . her son. Andrew and wife from Halifax.   Mrs.  Blanche Rogers and sister. Muriel from Georgia, USA, on Mrs. Jean Hood, Called on Mrs. Sarah Green this Week.

The Webster Culvers of Connecticut, are taking up residence in the Bert Perry Cottage for the next few weeks.   Mrs. John Whittaker's mother visited her family this week. "On the Hill," after having a difficult round-the-Maritimes airplane trip, due to Coastal fogs.

We are pleased to see miss Alice Wetmore resuming her biweekly visits to the "Lake."  Sorry to hear Dr. MacLeod is in the hospital and we do hope he will return home soon.  Dr. Jim Moore is visiting his family for a for weeks.  Mr. "Gint" Cain ofd Boston, who is staying with Mr. and Mrs. Vic Cain, at Woodstock, has been visiting friends and relatives in Lake Annis.

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Digitized: Chad Pyne