Beautiful Lake Annis
By Guy  C. Pelton

I believe I am safe in saying that Lake Annis is probably the oldest of the popular Yarmouth lake resorts. Nearly fifty years ago Lake Annis was commencing to be a
summer resort for Yarmouth people and from fifty years back to the present it has continued to grow. It was the home of Cossar, the butter and egg man, who years ago used to bring eggs to the Kandy Kitchen and before that one or two private families. The Cossar family are still there in the old house.

I don't know whether Charlie Grantham or Sawdust Dave Sunders were the first to see the possibilities of Lake Annis, but Dave Saunders built several cottages and a fine store which was destroyed by fire almost as soon as it was built. After that fire Saunderes seemed to grow weary of the lumber business and headed west, living at times in Denver. Colorado, Portland Oregon, San Diego, Hollywood and Los Angeles where he passed away about three years ago.

Charles TO Grantham built a fine big cottage , the biggest of the time and started the cottage boom. Mr. Grantham and family went there every summer until they moved to Hamilton Ontario. The Grantham cottage became on of the most famous boys' summer camps in Eastern Canada thanks to the enterprise of the late George Cain who used to teach school in Yarmouth and afterwards moved to New England. George Cain established the Mooawa camp coining the word Mooawa from the Indian word which meant "Protection of the Boy" .  Mooswa started out with 8 acres and now has 40 acres. This year over 65 boys have been registered and I would imagine that in the years Mooswas has run many thousands of boys have passed through his portals. Today the sons of former boys came to Mooswa and when George Cain passed away, Mrs. Cain received hundreds of letters from all over America. George Cain got wonderful co-operation from Mrs. Cain , who before her marriage was the petite and pretty Mildred Parker, daughter of the late George Parker, photographer who gave up his Yarmouth  studio and did railway publicity photography. If there ever was an ideal marriage it was the George Cain's and you have only to take a look at their two sons, Victor and Carol to see the reflected idealism of George Cain, and in Victor a double in feature though taller in stature than his father.

Mooswa has a speed boat, many canoes and row boats. 3 sailing yachts and everything else that goes into a modern camp. In visiting Mooswa one if impressed with the refinement and good behavior of the boys. I never saw so many boys in one place so orderly.  Yes there is no bossing in the place. The Cains are friends to the boys, giving personal attention when and as it is needed. Mrs. Cain ought to be very happy in what  Mooswa has become and in the possession of two such sons to carry on their fathers ideals.

Some of the earlier cottages in Lake Annis were the A. E. McGray’s. Then were three daughters, Annie who became Mrs. Amos Odell: Winnie, who taught school for years at Central and still lives in the old homestead on Forest Street, and Jean married in the States. The Moodys also lived there and after the death of Mr. Moody who was one of the popular custom officials, Mrs. Moody and Kitty lived permanently at Lake Annis. For awhile Prof. and Marls Sloan also summered there.

The Rozees were also early settlers, James Rozee building a cottage which in the summer, is occupied by his daughter, Ella Ewan Patton. A few miles beyond at
Maxwellton., Rev E. R Miller and the George Ewans had a cottage.

Forrest Ladd has turned what was a cottage into a regular home and has spent a lot of time and money in making a lovely place. The Ladds live there the year round, commuting to Yarmouth by auto. Mrs. E. J. Vickery has a very pretentious home and  Nellie Killam Rice comes all the way from London, England to occupy her cottage at Lake Annis, next to which is the Frank Day's cottage. Prof. Day is another of the  old-timers in Lake Annis. Col. Day has been one of the outstanding citizens of Yarmouth County.

Chelsea Cann, Bert Henry ( who married Myrda Goudey), Mr. and Mrs Harry Swan. Mr. and Mrs. Galen Vickery and Bobby Lewis are the other cottagers. I was interested in the Henry cottage, which was once owned by Hannah Hueatis, who for years was a 2nd grade teacher, Central School: then by Charles Reid, the well known contractor, who was the builder of Porter Street: then by Hilram Goudey who was town clerk of Yarmouth, was one of the most loved and popular public officials that Yarmouth ever had. Douglas Wyman, son of the late Roy Wyman and grandson of the late L. B Wyman, some all the way from New York to his Lake Annis cottage. Douglas has alot of very interesting old photographs with some of the finest pictures of have seen of old times. One of the most interesting was the interior of old Zion Baptist Church, showing a balcony running three sides of the church with a handsome pipe top organ in the choir loft above the pulpit loft. This was the first time I ever knew that old Zion had a big balcony, and Hazel Goudey said it was new to her also. I would like to see that picture published. It was a very dignified interior.

Starr Rogers Vickery comes every summer from Halifax to her Lake Annis cottage and the Crowell cottage stands where the Dave Sounders' store cottage now belonging to Douglas Wyman, was also one of the earlier cottagers.

Lake Annis is a wonderful spot. The lake is approximately one mile each way, the whole lake being dotted with shade trees and green grass. Sadie Cain Greene has a lovely cottage there and the Bere's have what used to be Dot Horton’s cottage. George Killam's cottage is also there, and numerous others. The Cann cottage and the Allen cottage are on the shore.

It is difficult to do justice to Lake Annis in a half-day visit. Thanks to friends I had the ride and a delicious fish dinner at Mooswa.

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Mark Smith Sec D.