Lake Annis Village News August 1980

LAKE ANNIS - Davis Cain with is wife and family came from Ottawa to visit his mother, Marjorie, who the day they left unfortunately fell and broke her ankle on
two places. She was transported to the Yarmouth Hospital by ambulance where she remains uncomfortably. It was "old home week" for Stewart Cossar who came from Ottawa with his wife and three young people to spend some time with his mother, Bessie Cossar. Also for Gwen (Hewey) Parsons who with her son Neil have been living in the Vaka cottage.

The three older Whitaker boys left to back-pack in Europe where later they will meet Johnny and their mother and two younger brothers and all will attend the
Oberamagau Passion Play before they return to colleges in the United States and  schools in Yarmouth.

Recently  many wells in the area were tested by the Dept. of Health and water found unfit for drinking unless boiled. It has been a dry summer in spite of the fog.

Seven services have been held in the church at Norwood, the services were led by the following: Rev. George MacLean, who has a cottage in Lake Annis, Rev. Robert Curry from Waterville, Maine, Rev. Stuart MacLearn of Pleasant Valley, Rev. Bill Newell, Milton Baptist, Ven. MacAllister Ellis of Trinity, Rev. Stanley Harrison, Zion, Rev. Raymond Corbett of Beacon who also has a cottage at the lake.

Marianne Manuge entertained wind-surfing friends over a weekend also a very musical Dutch couple.

Beth Brooks is going to Carleton University to continue her studies for a Masters Degree in External Affairs.

Mrs. Bob Reifsnyder (Pat) was a Kennedy delegate to the Democratic National Convention in New York, where she and Lies DeGooyer stayed with her daughter,
Abbie, who is working with the publishing firm.  Galen and Betty Vickery spent a few days with their friends Harry and Nancy Flowers who were celebrating their 25th anniversary.

Mrs. John F. Goudey (Dorothy) Goudey came all the way from Hong Kong to care for his mother, Frances Goudey, who has been obliged to rest all summer. Since her graduation in Acadia in May, Martha Goudey has been working for the Dept. of Fisheries and Oceanography on a Sea Weed project in Argyle.

Mrs. Viola Bebson and her sister Gladys Baker are expected Aug. 22 to spend two weeks in her home. Carol Glazier, her daughter with two teenagers will join her

Rev. Raymond Corbett and his wife Irene usually spend a couple of days every week at their cottage.

Webster Culver, his daughter, Janis and granddaughter, Cindy with friend have  joined his wife Bea for a month.

There is a considerable activity over on the Mooswa Campus, a new tennis court and areas for other sports has been provided and being well used.

 A successful "Flower Show" was held at Mooswa Aug. 18. The Theme "Place Names of Nova Scotia" provided a test of originality and creativity.

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