Flower Show Held

       Aug 19, 1978

Lake Annis- The lake Annis flower show was held at Dr.James Moores' here recently with the theme of the show being 'women'.
Results of the show were:

Adult Division
Artistic merit:
1, Pat and Bucky MacConnell: Mother Natuers Bounty;
2, Frances Goudey: Lily Pons;
3, Willard Hewey: Pualine Johnson (Song My Paddle Sings);
4, Dororthy B. Kirk:Virgins Bower; Honorable Mention: Gail Sweeney, Mildred Cossar

Use of natural materials:
1, Dorthy Goudey, Les Girls;
2, Viola Benson, Lucrezia Borgia:
3, Jack DeGooyer, Pearl Buck;
4, John Goudey, Gloria Swanson;
Honorable mention: Ethel Bere: Old Women in the Shoe.

Imagitation- Humor -
1. Galen Vickery: Silent Spring, Rachel Carson
2. Arthur Kay: Eve;
3.Beth Brooks: Hurricanes:
4. Lies de Gooyer: Miss Coyote the Queen of the Prairies;
Honorable Mention: Ellen Moore: Louse on a Ladys Bonnet.

Appropriate to Theme-
1. Betty Vickory: Emily carr;
2. cynthia Heweny: Arachine;
3. Martha Goudey: The Liberation Woman:
4. Katherine Kay: Mary Queen of Scots;
Honorable Mention: Seymour Crowell, Queen Elizabeth.

Children's Division
Artistic merit:
1. Debbie Bere: Queen Anne Boleyn;
2. Jane MacConnel: Grandma Moses;
3. Lloyd Harris: Dandy Lioness.

Use of natural materials:
1. Peter Reifsnyder: She'll be comin' round the mountain;
2. Kermit de Gooyer: A Woman is in the House;
3. Scott Harris: Fern.

1. Belinda Burrowes: Emily Carr;
2. Annick de Gooyer: Female Symbol;
3. Susan Eldridge: Black-eyed Susan.

Next year's theme will be Famous Paintings.

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