Annual Lake Annis flower show held Aug.15 1981

The Annual Lake Annis Slow Show was held on Saturday, Aug. 15 at “Mooswa” the grounds of Scott Cain. The weather was fine and it was well attended. The theme, chosen a year in advance was Royalaty, which organizers say could not have been more appropiate the year of the royal wedding.
There were 30 adult entries and 10 childrens entries.

The judges Meg Macintyre and Myra Sutherland prizes were awarded in 4 categories - Artistic Merit, Humor, Use of Natural materials, Appropriatness to Thyme, as follows -

1. Diane Robertson  - “Queen Lilinokalai”; 2. Frances Goudey - Royal Fern & Queen Elizabeth rose. 3. David Reifsnyder - “Bonny Prince Charlie” 4. Betty Whitaker - “Prince of Wales”  Humor and Imagination - 1. Doreen Murphy - “Old King Cole”; 2. Randolph Degoyer - “House of Orange”. Use of Natural materials - 1. Dorothy Goudey - “The Sun King”; 2. Diane Gregg - “Mary, Queen of Scots”; 3. Dot Kirk - “Royalty in Flowers”; 4. Ernie and Ellen Rhuda - “Prince of Whales” Appropriate to Theme - 1. John Goudey - “The Dragon Throne - Ming Dynasty”; 2. Bob and Kay Killam - “War of the Roses””; 3. Debbie Reifsynder - Born to the Purple”; 4. Rev. Ray Corbett - “The Queen's Plate”

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