Lake Annis Garden Show Held on Saturday, August 14

With a blue sky, fleecy white clouds, a warm sun and the patio garden of Mr. and Mrs. Clem Crowell providing the setting, the fifth annual Lake Annis Garden show was held on Saturday, August 14. Thirty-seven entries exemplified the interest shown by every family in the little summer community. Entries in the adult class were to illustrate a theme or quotation from an opera and many of the entries were both original and beautiful. The children's entries portrayed their many ideas were both interesting and original.

The Judges, who were Mrs. George Killam, of Yarmouth and Mr. Arthur Neal of Interlaken Farm, Brazil Lake, had great difficulty in making their decision, but finally awarded prizes and honorable mentions as follows:

1. Beggas Opera, Mr. Seymour Crowell.
2. Brigadoon, Mrs. Ellen Moore.
2. Little Buttercup, Mrs. Margaret Cann.

Honorable Mention:
Princess Ida, Mrs. Vaka. Quaff the Nectar, Paul Vaka. Rose May Bud, Mrs. Sarah Green.

Children's Entries:
1. In a Country Garden, Pat Dyke.
2. Map of U.S.A., Kenny Bere.
3. Owl and Pussy Cat, Mary Ann Manuge.

Honorable Mention:
Spoonful of Sugar, Geoffery Bere Botany Study, Kenny Bere. Jack Over Candlestick, Johnny Whittaker. Water Babies, Tommy Manuge. Little Tee Wee, Timmy Manuge.

Special Mention:
Bulletin Board, Mr. Clem Crowell After the Flower Show, with 50 adults and children in attendance, tea was served in the Crowell dining room for the adults, while fruit juice was served on the verandah to the children. Mrs. James Moore and Mrs. Arthur Neal poured tea and Mrs. Howard Bere and Mrs. Whittaker, served the children drink. Refreshments were contributed by those attending and a collection was taken up for repairs to the local church. The committee who made  arrangements included Mrs. Howard Bere, Mrs. John Goudy and Mrs. Clem Crowell.

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