Lake Annis Aug 4, 1965
F. Goudey  

Several dull and foggy days and some very welcome showers have alleviated the water shortage and helped the gardens so the  locally grown vegetables provide variety of the meals.

The lake shore provides a good play ground and the water is warm enough to make swimming and bathing pleasant for both the old and the young. Splashing and happy voices can be heard all day and often into the night.

Mr. John F. Goudey and family of Don Mills, came by ferry Bluenose to spend their vacation at "Northwood" where six young cousins make like merry.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Rozee now spend the odd day and night at their cottage.

Mr. and Mrs. John Patterson are in the Higby Cottage renewing old time friendships in this area.

Mr. and Mrs. Andy Cann visited his mother, Mrs. Peggy Cann for a weekend.

Dr. and Mrs. Howard Bere and tow grandsons have arrived from Natick, for a month at "Tooth Acre".

Sunday service in the Northwood Church was very well attended. Dr. Emerson Curry will be preaching there every Sunday in August at 11:15 am.

Dr. and Mrs. James Moore with their two daughters are at their cottage for two weeks.

Mrs. Sarah Green spent a few days in Yarmouth with Mrs. Blanche Rogers who paid a return visit with her.

Master Scotty Killiam is visiting relatives in Hebron. One porcupine, with some assistance descended from a tree on CPR property for the last time. Others are still creating havoc.

Mr. and Mrs. Al Rathone and their four children were guests of honor at a dinner party given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Robbins, on Friday. The Rathornes are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Steadman, Smith's Cove.

Mrs. Ralph Adams and their daughters Nancy spent a day with Mrs. Keith Cann at Lake Annis last week.

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