Norwood church

Everette Killam remembers when the church roof was shingled   1925 ? His grand father jones carried the shingles brought by train 75 Norwood. Merle & Roy Crosby, Elner Cassar and Harold Durkee worked on the roof.

Later the church was remodeled in memory of Dr. Ollie Stanton and Bernice Bere by Galen, Betty Vickery, Ruth Stanton & Howard Bere. Benches and floors were painted reredos decorated & a cross made by Willard Hewey was put there. An organ installed with a vacuum cleaner pump and electricity supplied in the lamps.

Norwood Church
Ethel Hubley's story

A retired sea capt. named Saunders DA had an interest in saw mills. He owned property  (later the Clark or Dean property) and due to his interest a Church was built in Norwood on proprty given (?) by Arch Cleland Sr. or Bill Pierce May 12, 1889 it was opened and a statement from the "Baptist Home Mission Board
acknowledge the  completion of the Norwood Church". 20' x 30' with painted coloured glass windows. Sheathing walls moveable pews.

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