Yarmouth Herald
August 7, 1928

The first of a series of August Sunday evening musicales of the Lake Annis summer colony was held on Sunday, August 5th, at 8:30 o'clock, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Vickery, formerly of Yarmouth, now of Halifax. The following people contributed to the very delightful program: Mrs. Miss Frank Cain, of Newark, N.J, soprano; Miss Catherine Vickery, of Miss Edgar's School, Montreal, mezzo-soprano; Miss Miriam Guest, of Yarmouth, violinist; Miss Olive Cann, pianist and accompanist; Paul F. Vaka, of the staff of Ohio State University and Columbus accompanist. Mr. Vaka is a tutor at Camp Mooswa for the summer. The program was as follows:

I. Beethoven - Sonata, Opus 25 (Pastoral Sonata). Mr. Vaka at the piano.

II. Schubert (a) Hark! Hark! the Lark (SerenaJe from Shakespear's Cymbelire). (b) Da bist die Ruth (in German). Miss Vickery, with Mr. Vaka accompanying.

III. (a) McDowell- To a Wild Rose. (b) Mylarnski-Mazurka. (c) Olley Speaks-Sylvin. Miss Guest, with Miss Cann accompanying.

IV. (a) Aylard - Deep in My Heart a Lute Lay Hid. (b) Cyril Scott-Lullaby. (c) Rasbach - Trees (Joyce Kilmer's poem) by request (d) Comin' Thro the Rye. Mrs. Frank Cain, with Mr. Vaka accompanying.

V. (a) Kreisler-Liebesfreud (b) Chopin-Prelude in E minor (c) Rachnabuiff - Humoresque. Miss Olive Cann at the piano.

VI. (a) Godard - Chanson de Florian (in French). (b)  Massnet-Elefle (in French). Miss Vickery, with Mr. Vaka accompanying.

Miss Guest's interpretation of Mylarnski's Mazurk's Mazurke showed remarkable technique and command of her instrument. Miss Vickery sang her German and French songs with a great deal of delicacy and restraint. Her diction was exceptionally good. Yarmouth is fortunate to have a young pianist with the ability of Miss Olive Cann. She played with power and yet at the same time she showed an appreciation of shading. Mrs. Cain delighted the audience with her interpretation of the difficult "Lullaby," by the modernist English composer, Cyril Scott. Lake Annis is indebted to Mr. Vaka for assuming the direction of the musicales and in getting together a program of such excellent music. - Cox


The second of the series of August Sunday Evening Musicales was given at the home of Mrs. John H. Killiam, of Yarmouth, on August Sunday Evening Musicales was Killam, of Yarmouth, on August 12th, at eight o'clock. A goodly audience was very appreciative of the program given by the following; Miss Alice Wyman, of Yarmouth, pianist : Miss Miriam Guest, violinist; Miss Katherine Vickery, mezzo soprano; Paul F. Vaka, pianist and accompanist. The programme was as follow:

I.- Mendelassoin-Rondo Capriecioso, Miss Wyman.

II.- (a) Lehman- The Starting. (b) Alibi - The Nightingale, (Runian Folk Song) Miss Vickery.

III.- McDowell-(a) At an Old Trysting Place (b) From an Indian Lodge (e) Told at Sunset, Mr. Vaka.

IV.- (a) Gluck - Andante (b) Tschalkowsky - Chanson Triste (c) Brahm-Waltz in A Major.

V.-(a) Wilt Thou Soon Return?(Finnish Folk Song) (b) Beonge? Dull Care (English 17th Century Folk Song), Miss Vickery

VI.-(a) Mozart-Rondo 11 (b) Chopin - Polonnaise in C Sharp Minor, Mr. Vaka


The third of the series of August Sunday evening musicales was given at the Lake Annis summer home of Dr. and Mrs. Douglas MacLeod of New York City, on Sunday Evening. Aug. 19th, at 8:30 p.m. The following contributed to the program: Mrs. John Killam of Yarmouth, pianist Mrs. A. R. Guest of Yarmouth, pianist and accompanist; Miss Ellen MacLeod, of New York City, pianist and accompanist; Miss Olive Cann, of Yarmouth, pianist; Miss Miriam Guest of ?Yarmouth, violinist; Mrs. FrankCain, of Newark, N.J, soprano; Mr. Clicord Bowman, of Honolulu, Hawaii, baritone; Mr. Paul F. Vaka of Columbus, Ohio, accompanist.

Perhaps the most notable feature of the evening's performance was the superb playing of the Miss MacLeod and Miss Can. It is rare to find such accomplished young pianists on the same program. Miss MacLeod's brilliant and polished technique, especially in the Chopin Scherzo, may be contrasted to the less polished but delicately expressive playing of Miss Cann. The playing of both girls shows remarkable promise. Mr. Bowman's singing of the Hawaiian folk songs was much enjoyed. His tones were sweet and soft which befits the type of music he sang.

Mr. Vaka leaves this Friday for Middletown, Conn., enroute to Columbus, Ohio. The musicale next Sunday evening (the last of the series) will be under the direction of Miss Katherine Vickery and Miss Olive Cann. The audiences at the musicales have been very appreciative, and it is hoped the series may be continued next summer. The Lake Annis summer people wish to thank Mrs. Vickery, Mrs. Killam and Mrs. MacLeod for opening their homes for these delightful musicales; and also to thank all those who have taken part in them.

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