Lake Annis:Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Lake Annis School
                  taken about 1947.
Pupils of Lake Annis School taken about 1947.
Conntributed by:  Dot Vallillee
We would like to thank  Dot Vallillee for submitting the materials that provide you with the presenteation for Mooswa 1940 and History Sections.

History of CampMooswa 1940 pamphlet 

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 From: Ralph <>

I thought you might be interested in the picture I included in this letter.
This is a picture of Lake Annis School children in 1936. 
I only know  one of the students. 
The one marked as Odessa is Odessa Corporon of Hectanooga.


Below are links to two copies of the history of Lake Annis.  #1 is a text version only.  #2 has pictures and supplements added, thanks to John Goudey who provided me with his mothers records of pictures and news clippings etc.  You may, as I did find it interesting to read version #1 first and let your imagination construct the community in you mind.  Then go through version #2 and see the community come to life and in pictures and additional text.  Many hours of work have gone into this presentation and much more work will be done.  This web site is paid for by  GrassRoutes Computer Services Ltd.  It is still under construction.  We have done our best to keep it free from error.  If you have any comments please email me . Be sure to type Lake Annis in subject line. Thank you.

I hope you enjoy your look at this, one of Yarmouth's Nova Scotia's many unique communities.

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#1 History of Lake Annis
compiled by Jim Vickery in 1963

#2 History of Lake Annis
compiled by Jim Vickery in 1963
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Subject: Mooswa Camp 
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2009 22:00:47 +0000 

Hello - would you have any information regarding medals given out? I have one that has Camp Mooswa for Boys and the Latin phrase Esse Quam Videri (to be rather than seem to be)with a moose rifle and fishing rod with a boy paddling a canoe and it shows tents on the shore. On the back it is engraved Captain and underneath the year 1941.  It is sterling and would have been worn on a chain. 
Thank you,
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June 1st, 2003: I have added pictures of Lake Annis and area.  Plus Norwood & Grave Yard

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