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Viewing Instructions: The pictures included here are a composite of photos from the Dept of Natural Resources taken in 1990. We have joined many photos making one large picture of 1700k. This has detail such that you can see individual homes, roads, marshes, rivers and so on. Medium 400k and small 94k are the same composite at a smaller scale. The area can also be viewed by locations (e.g.,Sunday Lake) between 100k and 200k. These will give you the greatest detail per area. The area can also be viewed by line sections that cover a third of the South Ohio area ( top, middle, then lower ). Ecological studies and field trips can be planned using these presentations. 

We hope you will find this presentation enjoyable and valuable. If you plan to enjoy our wilderness areas, it may be useful to study or print out a copy of these maps.

South Ohio

South Ohio Area Aerial Pictures
Large 1700k / Medium 400k / Small 94k
Line 42
Sunday Lake North Ohio Rd Richmond Rd Forest
Dept of Natural Resources # range 213-217
Line 41
West, Meadow Brook Drv. Centeral East (Hardscratch) 
Dept of Natural Resources # range 81 to 85 
Line 40
West of 101 Bunker Lake Forested Land. Tinkham Rd.
Dept of Natural Resources # range 171 to 174 

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