Notre Dame des Iles
Surette's Island
Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Located approximately 20 miles distance from the town of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, off Route 3, lies the village of Surette's Island whose inhabitants are today direct descendants of those who faced deportation in 1755, the names Surette, Muise (Muis, Meuse), Babin, LeBlanc, Pothier, Doucet, etc. will testify to this. 

The Island is joined to the mainland by an iron bridge constructed in 1909. Under this 400 foot structure flow the raging waters of the Tusket River, as the Island is located at the mouth of this body of water.1

Monument behind church.
Surette's Island (Y) :  South of Tusket, in Lobster Bay.  In 1801 a land grant was made to a  group of  Acadians from Eel Brook (now  Ste. Anne du Ruisseau).  Included among the grantees were Frédéric Surette and his brother  Charles Barromé, Surette, who settled on the island which now bears their name.  Surette's Island (Y) :   Named after *Frédéric Surette who with some others settled on the island (859 acres) in about 1812. 

*From the book "Place Names of the Province of Nova Scotia"Ref 917.15 BRO in the Western Counties Regional Library*

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