Rum Running part - 4

Characters of the1930`s

Charlie Bang was another person who got mad when called his nickname.

Toodle-o lived downtown and got mad when called his nickname.

"Vote Liberal," was a devoted liberal and when called his nickname would chase the kids.

Sydney, the street cleaner, was called 'Putty', and would chase the kids with his broom.

One old lady called 'Crazy Scott', who lived in town, lost her son at sea. When the kids would pick blueberries behind her house, she would fire a revolver into the air to make them leave.

Lucy Lit Fly hungout downtown and when called her nickname she would get mad.

There was also a character named 'Paper Fat'.

John Bull was a man who stole and wore six pairs of women's panties and tried to jump over the baseball field riding a white horse.

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