Rum Running Yarmouth Nova Scotia page. 7

Rum Running part - 7

14. One fellow from the shore, wanted to get married. He looked in the Sears catalogue where he saw a girl in a dress, he ordered her. All that came was the dress and he couldn't understand where the girl was. He was not too bright.

15. One fellow in town was an awful pest and always begged for food and money. One time a few fellows came back from rabbit hunting and were eating rabbit stew and he barged in and had two helpings of stew. It was decided to play a trick on Jim and so they killed two old tom cats and boiled them. He was invited to what he thought was rabbit stew and ate to his hearts content remarking this is the bast stew he had ever had.

16. One old fellow who worked in a lumber camp told me how it was a shack made of tar paper and the men slept in bunks and never had much chance to wash. Well this fellow used his shirt for a pillow and when he woke up the next morning, he found a mouse in the pocket of the shirt plus the babies it had.

17. This fellow had a business in town somewhere close to the town jail. Now what business he had was not much and everyone wondered how he could live. One afternoon he was found lying on the floor by a policeman he was helped up and put on a cot. Upon opening a cot it was found there was a false compartment in which corn liquor was stored. His sister had a baby carriage with a doll in it and she pushed it all over town delivering boo's to customers.

18. During the hard times there was not enough money to always pay the rent. One woman said they moved so much that she could not always find her way home. Her brother had to go get her after school and bring her home.

19. One milkman who delivered milk by horse and buggy did things a bit differently. He painted milk bottles white which were full of liquor, so he would know which bottles to deliver to his customers.

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