Rum Running Yarmouth Nova Scotia page. 8

Rum Running part - 8

20. Outside town, fisherman would drop their traps in the water. Their traps were filled with a bulk substance, causing the traps to sink deeper in the water. When the Coast Guard cutters came by, they noticed that nothing was any different. The fisherman came back later after the substance wore off and the traps were higher in the water. The traps had liquor hidden in them and they were taken to shore.

21. One Rum Runner, who operated radios aboard boats, would rent a room at the top of the hotel and set up his radio. He could see all of the harbor and radio the Rum Runners when it was safe to come ashore as the Coast Guard cutters put out to sea.

22. One man had a garden with cucumbers and some fellows always stole some of them. After a while he got fed up and bought some liquid called gallops and injected it into the middle of the cucumbers. This liquid made an individual move their bowels. After a short time no more cucumbers were stolen.

23. Years ago many bootleggers hid their booze along a brook in the country. Some children stole bottles and would see them back to the bootleggers for 10 cents a bottle. Sometimes they would drain the bottles and fill them with tea.

24. One chap named Mickey used to steal booze from a certain bootlegger. Mickey stole so much that he was hired be the bootlegger and paid a weekly salary as this proved cheaper.

25. One old fellow, who was a rum runner was caught running booze off Cuba during the Revolution. They were taken to a jail (a wooden building on a wharf) not knowing what would happen to them. The next day they were freed by the rebels and taken to Florida only to return to Cuba with Contraband.

26. On a rum running trip to the states an ordinary man was paid $185.00 a month plus a 50-dollar bonus if a successful trip was made. This particular boat was going to New York. The harbor pilot was to take the boat to Hells Gate of assorted liquors to be unloaded onto trucks from the boat. The captain didn't wait for the harbor pilot and was caught and arrested.

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