Wal-Mart & Atlantic Superstore 
June 17th 2004

Photos of the site July 4th 2004

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The site has not seen any activity for almost a month.  Meanwhile the area is open to erosion.   It is difficult to imagine how such large corporate organizations could be so disorganized.  Mounds of dirt about 3 meters high and many acres of land lay barren.  What ever the impasse it must be resolved.  Broadbrook may not be the greatest little brook in the world, and sprodic excess water from the proposed parking lot it could handle, but what I see here is a potential problem.  Either pave the area or plant cover crops soon.  

Godfrey LeBlanc

The reason for the work stoppage:

1. Protesters did not stop the work.  Department of Environment and Labour stopped the work because the environmental evaluation had not been done and the contractor did not have a permit. It is a Superstore problem, not Wal-Mart. 

2. Wal-Mart has not finished purchasing its site (north of the brook) and is in process of retaining an environmental consultant to have evaluations done before applying for permits. 

3. I think the rare plant theory is an urban legend. In a meeting with Bob Petrie (D0EL Yarmouth) and the Inspector Specialist no plants were mentioned. But, you can double check with him at 742-8985 

4. DoEL is looking into the work done on Keith Trefry's property.  The culvert under his 'improved' road is much smaller than the natural cross section of the brook so in a big rain may flood behind it.  It also restricts the flow and volume of water into the remaining brook. 

5. Before the work was shut down, DoEL had flow barriers installed. No runoff from the Superstore site will reach the brook.  The most it will do is flow down into the pond that was dug and fill it in. Superstore is fully closed off from the brook at the present time. 

6. Keith Trefry's work may well add silt to the brook because they graded over the silt barriers into the edge of the brook and pond. 

You can double check with Bob Petrie, District Manager, DoEL at 742-8985, on any of the above points for clarification. 

7. There are other sources of pollution to the brook that we are looking at this summer. 

8. TREPA went to pubic meetings and expressed its views as a part of the  civic process. As you know, council changed the municipal planning strategy and zoning as we knew they would. At the final hearing we asked for three things: a) that the town set high standards and take such action as is needed to assure that the new development does the least possible environmental damage to Broad Brook, b) insist on mitigation for brook and wetland loss (purchase and protect other wetlands), c) make a commitment to future protection, conservation and recreational use of the the Broad Brook corridor so that it does not end up as a developed, polluted drainage ditch through the center of Yarmouth. We felt these were reasonable requests. 

9. It is not the "protesters" (whom ever that may be) fault that Superstore violated Department of Environment and Labour regulations. Stick the blame where it belongs. As far as we know, Wal-Mart is following procedures. 

10.  Wal-Mart decided to buy the site that presents the most environmental problems so it is causing them some additional work. They could have gone to the old K-Mart site or to the old Motor-Mart/Canadian Tire site and have started construction by now. 

11. The environmental community has never argued against Wal-Mart or new development in general.  It has asked for more consideration of the damaging environmental issues that are associated with it. 

12. We must move beyond the outdated, and false, thinking of economy vs environment.  It is quite clear that the economy sits inside of the environment and that if we destroy our life support systems then the economy is gone as well. We can have development and we can have Broad Brook and our town will be better for our choice. 

Please feel free to use any of the above on your web site.  I am pleased finally see some public discussion of this as it was mostly absent at the public hearings. 

Dan Earle 

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