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June 20th 2005

August 19-05  Walmart and other construction in the Yarmouth area     More...........................

June 18-05:   After months of delay construction on the WalMart site in Yarmouth has continued.  Apparently the delay was due to some problem with fill.  The material excavated from the SuperStore site was to be used to help fill in the swamp area on the WalMart site.  Apparently the material was trucked off site and the cost of filling in the area by trucking new material in was an expense WalMart did not expect.     More.........

Question: Heard a rumor today that Wal-Mart isnt coming now.It is april and still no construction.Could you clarify please?

Reply:  As far as I know it is still a go.  Lights have been put in place by town, on Starrs Rd. at the request of Walmat 

The purpose of the proposed undertaking is to construct a Wal-Mart store approximately 250 metres northeast of the Starrs Road and Highway 101 intersection in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Construction of the Walmart project is scheduled to commence in April 2005, with the store opening to the public in November 2005. Under the Environmental Assessment Regulations, an undertaking which disrupts a total of 2ha or more of any wetland is a Class I undertaking. (S) More.....

Copy of Environmental agreement  http://www.gov.ns.ca/enla/ess/ea/yarmouthwalmart/YarmouthWalMart_Conditions.pdf
Wal-Mart land program aids Maine: http://outdoors.mainetoday.com/news/050413easement.shtml


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Your Comments & Requests:

April 9th, 2005
From: Robert Powell <stonhaus@bellatlantic.net>
Subject: rumour
To: g_routes@ca.inter.net 

As an American with what I feel are/ too many /choices  I can certainly understand why anyone from Yarmouth would want a Wal Mart..
It's cheap, convenient and has "/everything". ( and everything is cheap-ly made)/

Just keep in mind that you will lose your identity.... and the unique charm that only Yarmouth has. for example, If you buy a shirt, a billion other people will be wearing that same shirt, including all the other girls in your school or at your workplace. especially in a small town like Yarmouth.

With all the hype of walmart ( I remember when they built the first one where I am). Believe me, It soon wears off.
It's a shlep to go there, fight for an ambulatable parking spot  and then commence to walk through the 5 footballfields  of  crap that I dont need , just to find a can of coleman fuel and some chips.
I would gladly pay the extra 50 cents  to pop into the local hardware store on main street while happilly chewing the local fat with the clerk.

I also won't come home with a load of  junk that I didnt set out for in the first place.-- as well as the inevitable argument that will ensue when my husband sees the monthly wal mart visa bill.

I have better things to do on my weekends etc.  than  wandering hoplessly for days lost within the aisles of Wal mart.
So go ahead, enjoy your new Walmart, I can bet you that the thrill will eventually wear off.
personnally, I would much rather buy my toiletpaper at the Canadian Tire when they have their good sales, My clothes and housewares from the Frenchy's ( go when they  first crack open the bales)

I guess, being from both sides of the fence (US  & NS) What I am trying to say is,
Be careful what you wish for !!!
Bless you

From: "Troy Whitney" <troy@silverswitch.com>
To: <webmaster@yarmouth.org>
Subject: yarmouth walmart 

Just curious for all of you that think Walmart is so great Ė why donít you move somewhere where thereís already a walmart?  If you really think thatís what you need, maybe you should go to it.  You could probably work there, do your banking there and maybe even live there.

-T W

WebPosted Feb 3 2005 10:08 AM AST
Wal-Mart gets OK from province
CBC News

HALIFAX  ó  The province has given approval for a Wal-Mart to go up in Yarmouth, despite opposition from environmental groups. Plaza BNG Inc. plans to build the big-box store at the corner of Highway 101 and Starrs Road, right next to the Kent and Superstore buildings. The project passed an environmental assessment by the province Wednesday, although one condition is that the developers come up with a wetland compensation plan. ................  The developers want to start building in April so the store opens in November.    Link Cont.. Note Off site Link will change

Date: 1/26/2005

In response to Don's post earlier.(letter below)
I am sorry to say, but no. I will not boycott Loblaws. Neither will the majority of people in our town. Im sorry to say, but our town is going to have more benefits of having a new and improved store, and so what we will be losing a brook that we neglected anyways.

There are always a few people or organizations who are extremely vocal about not wanting new stores in the area, for what ever reason and ruin it for the rest of the people. Mind you I said a FEW vocal people.  Dont be fooled into beliving this is some great upkept brook because it isnt. The brook has been neglected for so many years, it really goes to show that most citizens of our town (including me) really dont care about the ecological effects.  Humans who are the citizens of yarmouth and who are paying taxes, are in need of new and improved services, more than various wildlife provide.  I dont see the wildlife paying taxes, or helping make our town a better place. With all the new stores, it will make our towns tax base grow substantially, which is needed, therefore allowing Yarmouth to have more services in other areas. 


Date: 1/25/2005
Name: Don
Location: New Glasgow

Comments: Hi, just letting you know Loblaws/Superstore also broke their agreement here in New Glasgow by destroying a natural brook and stand of trees. They had promised at a town hall meeting [a joke formality] that they would not touch this area. The same afternoon as that nights meeting, the bulldozers were already in place and ready to go. They have also ruined my property and peace by destroying the woods that served as a backdrop for my backyard and they also lied about a bufferzone. They also choose to accept any inquiries or comments concerning their lies and it's basically "screw you" attitude. I urge everyone to BOYCOTT Atlantic Superstore and any Loblaws business. It won't be long before they destroy a neighbourhood near you! 

Sat, Jan 22,2005:  Wal-Mart update

Seems like there has been a long lull here in news of Wal-Mart and Superstore.  The Wal-Mart Environmental Assessment was issued at the beginning of  January 2005. All interested parties had until January 21, 2005 to send in comments. Comments will be reviewed by the Department of Environment and Labour and others involved in permit issues such as Federal Department of Oceans and Fisheries and Provincial Department of Natural Environment.  They will have much to digest.  A permit may be issued after review.  A permit may be issued with conditions. Or, they may ask the proponent for clarification of issues brought up by the public in response to the environmental assessment before taking further action. In any case, TREPA's response to the environmental assessment has been posted at www.trepa.com
Best, Dan Earle, President, TREPA

At 11:29 AM 20/01/05, you wrote:

To whom it may concern,
I have a small question that someone may be able to help me with. I would like to know where I or anyone can get an application for a job at Walmart before they come to Yarmouth. Also, when they might be hiring? Has it been advertised yet? I can't find any info. If someone could please contact me, it would be greatly appreciated. My email is: gamorge@yahoo.com

I'm very interested in a job there and would like to get right on it. As I'm a very ambitious person.  I'm very excited to hear that we are getting a Walmart. This most certainly will create a job for me(hopefully)and others. 

So happy to welcome Walmart to Yarmouth. Yarmouth is only getting better and better. HOORAY! Let's keep our kids here in this town and off the streets. Let's make this town a good retirement place. Again....You can contact me through my email: 


Thanks for the listening ear and hope to hear back soon.

Genuinely yours,

Webmaster comment: If anyone knows answer to above question we will gladly post it here.

Hi there, just writing to let you guys know the construction updates info on the site is perfect. 
Cant wait to see more updates in info 
Love it    "Branden" 

Please don't build a WalMart in Yarmouth. This is sickening to see. They are taking over the world. Don't let these money grubbing people take away your small towns and beautiful scenery. 
Hallie Owens 

Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2004 11:22:43 -0300 
Please build a walmart in Yarmouth. It is NOT sickening to see 

I think this should be good for Yarmouth.   Some think it may hurt the down town shopping district but it may help.  Many more people will be coming here instead of maybe going to Halifax.  It most likely will also attract other business and people to come to our area.  Yarmouth has suffered some very had blows with the closing of the cotton mill and the tin mine,  but thanks to the hard work of many people we got back up.  A lot of good things have happened to Yarmouth in the last few years, Down town and Water Street have greatly improved.  Yarmouth is a good place to live and things are lookin up. 

James L 

At 12:14 AM 21/06/04, you wrote:
Hi Godfrey: 

1. Protesters did not stop the work.  Department of Environment and Labour stopped the work because the environmental evaluation had not been done and the contractor did not have a permit. It is a Superstore problem, not Wal-Mart. 

2. Wal-Mart has not finished purchasing its site (north of the brook) and is in process of retaining an environmental consultant to have evaluations done before applying for permits. 

3. I think the rare plant theory is an urban legend. In a meeting with Bob Petrie (D0EL Yarmouth) and the Inspector Specialist no plants were mentioned. But, you can double check with him at 742-8985 

4. DoEL is looking into the work done on Keith Trefry's property.  The culvert under his 'improved' road is much smaller than the natural cross section of the brook so in a big rain may flood behind it.  It also restricts the flow and volume of water into the remaining brook. 

5. Before the work was shut down, DoEL had flow barriers installed. No runoff from the Superstore site will reach the brook.  The most it will do is flow down into the pond that was dug and fill it in. Superstore is fully closed off from the brook at the present time. 

6. Keith Trefry's work may well add silt to the brook because they graded over the silt barriers into the edge of the brook and pond. 

You can double check with Bob Petrie, District Manager, DoEL at 742-8985, on any of the above points for clarification. 

7. There are other sources of pollution to the brook that we are looking at this summer. 

8. TREPA went to pubic meetings and expressed its views as a part of the  civic process. As you know, council changed the municipal planning strategy and zoning as we knew they would. At the final hearing we asked for three things: a) that the town set high standards and take such action as is needed to assure that the new development does the least possible environmental damage to Broad Brook, b) insist on mitigation for brook and wetland loss (purchase and protect other wetlands), c) make a commitment to future protection, conservation and recreational use of the the Broad Brook corridor so that it does not end up as a developed, polluted drainage ditch through the center of Yarmouth. We felt these were reasonable requests. 

9. It is not the "protesters" (whom ever that may be) fault that Superstore violated Department of Environment and Labour regulations. Stick the blame where it belongs. As far as we know, Wal-Mart is following procedures. 

10.  Wal-Mart decided to buy the site that presents the most environmental problems so it is causing them some additional work. They could have gone to the old K-Mart site or to the old Motor-Mart/Canadian Tire site and have started construction by now. 

11. The environmental community has never argued against Wal-Mart or new development in general.  It has asked for more consideration of the damaging environmental issues that are associated with it. 

12. We must move beyond the outdated, and false, thinking of economy vs environment.  It is quite clear that the economy sits inside of the environment and that if we destroy our life support systems then the economy is gone as well. We can have development and we can have Broad Brook and our town will be better for our choice. 

Please feel free to use any of the above on your web site.  I am pleased finally see some public discussion of this as it was mostly absent at the public hearings. 

Dan Earle 


You DON'T want a Wal-Mart - here's why:

I encourage anyone who hasn't to do a little digging (there's all sorts of stuff Online). The company is so huge it's mind boggling and they are doing all sorts of things that they never did when they started out (I think 'ol Sam is rolling in his grave).  Nearly everything was American made. In fact, that was their mantra the first several years. What they do now is treat their workers like crap, and treat suppliers/manufacturers like crap - getting them to cheapen their products and forcing them to pay slave-wages to their workers (hence, virtually everything in the store is made in China). All of this to save a few bucks? It isn't worth the toll (on humanity), the hassle and you really don't "save" anything in the end with their inferior products. An interesting read is what they have done to Vlasic Pickles.

We haven't shopped there in many months and won't again (and this could be considered difficult living in a small town, but we haven't felt "inconvenienced" looking elsewhere and I'd rather spend a few more bucks for something that works or lasts).

There's quite a few good articles:   http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/77/walmart.html

Here's another (general): http://www.larouchepub.com/other/2003/3046wal-mart_pricing.html

Here's a look at one article:

Wal-Mart `Eats' More
U.S. Manufacturers by Richard Freeman
In mid-November, Wal-Mart, the world's largest corporation and leader of the "globalization" drive, forced the closing of a national children's clothing store, Kids 'R' Us, and pushed the famous Hoover vacuum cleaner manufacturer to the brink; by the end of November, it is expected that Hoover may announce the shift of a substantial portion of its production facilities to Mexico, laying off hundreds of American workers.

Actually, Toys R Us proper is probably closing as well - thanks Wal-Mart!

Melissa & Dan

Comment: Oct 26, 2004
I think if your main concern is about the way people are getting treating in the work place you should look around.... there are many companies right in Yarmouth that treat their workers like crap but you know what, that's what people do for work, and people around here need work and this will be another opportunity for people to be able to CHOOSE where they want to work and shop for that matter, and who are you to say it's not right.  I guess your one of those people who aren't out looking for a job day in and out.....because nobody but places like Walmart will hire you. (I think alot more people see my point even if you don't)  I think it's time we all look around, the world is growing and that's just the way it is..DEAL


Comments: Greetings.  I just learned that Yarmouth is to become the location of yet another Walmart.  Heaven help ya! 

We in Vermont fought unsuccessfully to keep out this mammoth chain of shops of overpriced goods (except for their cleverly placed lower-cost specials).  There is NOTHING redeeming about Walmart

Some say that it will bring more tourists.  Why?  Tourists can shop at any number of Walmarts all over N. America.  Few will come to Yarmouth for the shopping. 

Yarmouth would do far better support local, unique shops.  Walmart will bring in lots of underpaid jobs, will do nothing to expand the tax base, and will take lots of dollars out of town. 

Do your homework: investigate those communities that have succumbed to Walmart.  Learn what they have gone through as a result.  Resist!!! 

from Vermont

Taken from GuestBook
Date: 11/27/2004
Name: YarmouthGal
Location: Yarmouth

Comments: I would just like to say that WalMart would be very good for the town of Yarmouth.  Not that it would bring any tourists, nothing seems to bring them anymore, but for the people who live in this town.  The tourist trade is dying off slowly and Yarmouth is too stubborn to admit it.  They still see themselves as a happening tourist town and nothing could be further from the truth.  Our young people have to leave in order to have any kind of life other than hanging around shop doors and going on welfare.  Come on in WalMart and bring your friends.  Give the competition and kick in the butt and shake this town up a little.  It certainly needs it.

After having read over the comments on this web site I am amazed at the narrow mindedness of some people. I guess none of the people who are protesting Walmart coming to Yarmouth have tried to go Christmas shopping in this town. Zellers is a laugh, whats left Bargin Giants, come on. I myself have made the trip to New Minus and soon to Digby to purchase what I can't find in this small town. It's time Yarmouth grew. I would think people would be glad to have more jobs here in town for young people, instead of having them move away. This is not a retirement town, there are younger people here as well and we want to shop.




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Broad Brook Watershed:
Concerns have been expressed over the effects this construction site may have of the ecology of Broad Brook whose watershed starts very close to the area in the picture above.  To see the brook as it was prior to June 1st 2004 go to our Broad Brook link.

Link to Sears Construction Project

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The latest possible snag....October 10, 2004
On August 4th, 2004, Loblaw Properties Ltd. was given an approval for wetland alteration but on October 9th, 2004 

Construction has come to a halt!

The excavation has stopped at the WalMart site.  It is difficult to get information on the actual reason but it seems that protesters stopped the work because of some protected plants were growing in the area. Continued....

Rare Plant Theory.... June 17th, 2004

Well today the rumor is that the problem is not with the Walmart site but with Superstore which will go at the north end of the site and closer to the swampy region.  This information I got from works around the site.  Others say that the project is on hold for 2 weeks untill a permit is obtained to go near the swamp area.  I also heard that there is a rare plant there that may have halted construction  Continued....

The reason work stopped... July 4th, 2004

For the reason that construction came to a halt and pictures on July 4th. By Dan Earle.
Continued .....

Work is back on track..  August 11th 2004
Continued .....

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