Wal-Mart & Atlantic Superstore 
June 11th 2004

Well for some reason construction has halted on the site.  I have heard two reasons as to why.  One is that a permit to construct in the swampy watershed area had not been obtained, and the other that the site construction had gone past it's boundaries and onto town land.  The latter however was said to have been resolved at a town council meeting held last night. However here was no activity there today.  What ever, I presume it will be resolved soon and construction will continue.

Construction has come to a halt! cont.:

You may have mixed feelings about WalMart and other so called big box stores, however Yarmouth has had it's share of hard times.  The closing of the Cotton Mill and the Tin Mine left hundreds without work and 1000's effected.  In the past several very important industries have not come to Yarmouth because a few individuals stopped it, notably Michelin Tire.  

I have taught ecology for 34 years and I believe I have a healthy respect for this planet and all life on it, but, there comes a point where people are more important.  What are the motives of those who block this project?   Well lets give them the benefit of the doubt and say that their intent is 100% noble.  

What are the results of stopping this project?  Hundreds of jobs will be lost and 1000's of people will be effected, not just this generation but generations to come.   Maybe this will be a catalyst that will save our airport,  attract new business and help keep our children it the area.  

I realize that large corporations are taking over the world and it would be nice if we could get back to nature and have the local economy support itself with farming and fishing etc. but it "ain't" going to happen.  Lets us pray that our fishing industry, which is owned by a big box type company, does not collapse.  

I could ramble on about competition, people shopping in Yarmouth rather than going to Halifax,  negative and positive effects on down town shopping but the main point is that this is and important event and those who want this project to go ahead had better make their wishes known, because a few individuals could  stop this from happening.   

The protesters may be right, who am I to judge the future, but I think it would be much more noble to move the plants to a suitable location and give Yarmouth a chance to grow.

Well it is 7:18 June 17 and I must get ready to go to town.  I wonder surprises today will bring.

Godfrey LeBlanc

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The site as it looks today
behind superstore1s.jpg
Behind Superstore Company doing excavation