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June 17th 2004

I went to the site to look for the rare plant.  I did find one plant that was not very plentiful in that area and it resembled Pink Tickseed   to some extent. However it only had 4 petals and was very plentiful on the outer edges of the Airport stretch, on South East Street and also Argyle Street.

The leaf structure on the plant does resemble Tickseed plants. I believe this plant is probably a type of rock cress.  This however may not even be the alleged plant in the rare plant rumor.

Just got an email from (C&B) who said they thought they found a Lady Slipper.  Thanks for your letter.

Lady's Slipper (Cypripedium acaule)
Lady's Slipper is a member of the Orchid family and can be found in wooded areas with a dry to moist acidic soil. They bloom in June, bearing a single pink moccasin shaped flower and range in size from 10 cm to 50 cm.

This plant is considered rare due to its confinement to South Western Nova Scotia.  That is, it is not that rare around here and I know of places where they are rather abundant.  Also the habitat on the construction site is not conducive to the growth of this species.

Wilderness Area Protection Act 

Photos of the site June 17th 2004

There is a lot of exposed soil on the site.  It is not good to have a halt in construction at this stage of the project. If this material is not soon covered  by pavement or stabilizing material it could pose an problem.   
The forces that stopped the construction may actually be instrumental in destroying those things it was trying to protect. The last dozier on the site.  On June 18th it to was gone.  
Ironically work just outside the site goes on unimpeded. This is brown scum probably probably a type {Filamentous Algae}due to excess nutrients. It is growing in Broad Brook on South East Street.  Probably a natural thing that happens each year and is not a result af excavating to date.

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