Sears of Yarmouth
Construction record August 6th 2004
Link to Walmart construction project
Photos: 2004
July 5th
August 6th

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The new Sears building site.

Large rounded rock unearthed on site.
If this formed by tumbling in a river.  
It was one big river.
Front side view of mini mall.
Back view of Sears building  Back of Sears over looking lower parking lot
Upper parking lot behind Sears
This seams a large parking area 
for exit into the rear of a building?
Spaces being occupied.
Sears, Le chateau, Cleve's, Mark's Work Wearhouse,  Miss Teen, Movie Gallery, & Things, Engraved

Search for the Toulon Dev. Corp on the internet only a few 22 hits Links 
one interesting one was: Toulon Development Corporation Ltd. v. McMahon Essaim Inc. Item #2

Jungle Jim's across from Sears.  Speculation? It also contains available retail space.
August 2004: 
Construction on the Sears site is going well.   It is good to see things happening in the area.


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