Broad Brook
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Dan Earle, President, TREPA
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The following is a series of letters I recieved from Mr. Dan Earle. They have been added exactly as written along with some important pictures that will help shed light on his feelings with regard to the importance of Broad Brook.  Though I agree with the points he has presented Ialso hope that nothing will stop development that is needed in our area.  I hope that what is happening will draw our attention to the importance of responsible stewartship for this part of the world we live in, both our responsibility to wildlife and needs of our fellow Yarmouthians.  I would like to thank Mr. Earle for taking the time to provide us with this information {G.LeBlanc}


pixs/canoe1s.jpgI was just introduced to your great web site and the section on Broad Brook. Good to see interest in this wonderful waterway that runs through the heart of our town. I have an excellent aerial pnoto image showing the whole watershed that you might want to include.  I have two students working with us this summer who will be helping to develop a plan for a Broad Brook Greenway and trail system. I can give you more details if you are interested. Perhaps we can coordinate some efforts.  {Canoeing on lower Broad Brook, March 2004} 

pixs/river1s.jpgWhile the brook has suffered some hard times by past actions we should not give up on it.  It gives us all the more reason to work for its preservation and restoration as a community asset and not let go. Your site is a good start at public education and could be a major factor in letting people know that this area has potential and a chance. {Lower Broad Brook - Between Wyman Road and Kelly's Cove } 

Best regards, Dan Earle, President, TREPA 
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 The Laws of Ecology: 
        * All things are  interconnected. 
        * Everything goes somewhere. 
        * There's no such thing as a free lunch. 
        * Nature bats last. 

Hi Godfrey:  Here is a map of the Broad Brook watershed. You may add it to your site if you like.  Dan Earle 
Hi Godfrey:  Here is a copy of our concept plan for the Broad Brook Greenway and Community Trail Network.  We will be working on this during the summer.  You may add it to your site if you wish.  Dan Earle 
pixs/superstore1s.jpgDuring the first week of  June, 2004, Superstore contractors started filling in the wetlands without environmental evaluation or permits. 
The work was stopped by the Department of Environment and labour and the issue is currently under investigation. You may use this image if you wish. Dan Earle

Update on environmental concerns with regard to waterehed area.  Oct 10/04



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