Broad Brook
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
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Updates: August 10

Water Quality Report on Broad Brook
By: Chris Green
Chris Greene is a  Masters student at York University. This past summer (May to August 2004) he was involved in some biophysical sampling of Broad Brook as part of my Masters research. As a part of that sampling, he performed water quality testing at 5 locations (Parade Street, Argyle Street, Regent Street, Wyman Road and Kelly's Cove).

Link to Chris's site:

Link to TREPA Tusket River Environmental Protection Association 
Local environmental watchdogs who are also interested in community outreach, service and education.


The purpose of this presentation is not to complicate development in the Yarmouth area.  God knowns we need any growth we can get.
The following is a record of how the area looked as of May 13 2004. I will be adding more pictures in the summer and fall.

As far as brooks go, in some places, this one is rather sad looking.  Broad Brook in places is already a mess and I doubt that any development, in area A ( as shown on map) will have any profound overall negative ecological effect on the brook.  Time will tell.
However; the time may be right do something for Broad Brook. 


Broad Brook starts in the north end of Yarmouth between Pleasant Street and the 101 highway.  It empties about 10k away into Kelley's Cove.  It passes along the east of the town of Yarmouth,{ Photograph on left and right contributed by Chris Deveau) by the golf course through Sand Beach and into the ocean.  Along its course there are many sources that contribute to it's flow.  Sections of the brook, as seen in these pictures have been dug out to reduce the chance of flooding.

The Challange:

First Broad Brook should be cleaned up.  Debris hampering the flow of the brook should be removed.   The construction of ponds  especially in sheltered areas would assist various species to survive when the water is low.  Other ponds would attract water fowl and amphibians. Mini dams of even 30 cm placed in strategic areas may be all that is needed to create important habitats.  Stocking the system with desired fish species is would also be beneficial. 

Pages 1 to 7 will give you some idea of the conditions in the brook as of May 13, 2004

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New June 21st 2004

Walmart Construction project Broad Brook: by Dan Earle
October 10 update

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Thank you 
Godfrey J. LeBlanc BScEd.

Your Comments

Hi Godfrey: 

I just wanted to let you know that a cleanup of Broad Brook was done last weeekend, under the direction of Margrit Robinson, VP of Trepa, and her girlguides.  Three other members of Trepa (Stephen Sollows, Dan and myself) assisted her.  Collectively, we pulled out 20 garbage bags of plastics and fastfood containers. 

FYI, I have posted this same info in the guest book. 

Great site, Godfrey. 

Sue Hutchins 

As far as I can tell, there are no "protesters" to the project. We have a group of people from the Tusket River Environmental Protection Association and others who are exercising their civic duty to point out that filling and killing of our Town's only fresh water brook is not a good idea.  We contend that there were alternative sites for Wal-Mart. Even if the present sites are used, creative design by engineers and landscape architects could accommodate both development and the brook. 
What we are missing is creativity and imagination. If we are not careful, the whole brook will be lost a little piece at a time.  Eat it a little at a time or in one big bite, the cookie still disappears.

Best, Dan Earle 


There are to many people worried about BROAD BROOK and there is no broad brook . It is dried up if they care to take a look over around ARCHIE LEBLANC'S  .He's got that part already buried . So why not give Yarmouth some jobs ,instead of living off welfare . Who really cares about some stupid flower .Maybe if Crosby wants to get some votes he should be pushing for this to happen. Just my opinion. 
THANKS for reading 

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